10 Alternatives To Rose Petals To Sprinkle On The Newly Wedded Couple!

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Yes, rose petal give a pretty and dreamy wedding look, but we’re so soo done with them now. As the newly wed couple walks out of the wedding arena, they’re welcomed with flowers as a part of the tradition to celebrate their new beginning but do you know that you can sprinkle many things other than those same old rose petals on the couple??

We have recently come across such wonderful alternatives to rose petals to sprinkle on the newly weds as they walk out and we completely love these ideas. These alternatives aren’t just meant for giving a fortunate and happy start to the couple but are also amazing for creating the celebration vibe throughout. So, scroll down and take a look at all the things that you can shower on the newly wedded couple as they walk out. Take inspiration for your own or your friend’s or relative’s wedding and do thank us later for giving you such awesome ideas! 😛 😀



This is the most common and most glamorous alternatives out of all. Just make sure you get bigger sequins and glitters that do not stick to the clothes. Hand them in smaller amounts to your guests to sprinkle on the newly wed couple. It can give a really sophisticated look to the wedding plus can get you some really pretty pictures to treasure for life.



This dainty detail has been there in our bridal arsenal since forever, however, it’s time to use it in an innovative and new way. Confetti is all about colored papers in different shapes and sizes. Team it up with glitter balls and streamers for a more mesmerizing look.



This sweet-smelling and pretty li’l detail can be the best thing to happen to the newly wed couples. The beautiful pastel color tone and nice fragrance of dried lavender can really be a rousing change from the regular rose petals.

Pom Poms

pom poms

Softer smaller balls in oodles of colors are a great option to shower on the couples to wish a super happy and successful kick-start to their new life. Ensure that they’re made in-house with wool, are tiny-sized and easily carried. These are sure to give you an Instagram-worthy shot!

Fake Snow

fake snow

If you want a dreamy wedding look, that only white can create, get a fake snow blowing machine and blow it on the newly wed couple as they walk out. It will give a magnificent and dreamlike effect.

Paper Planes

It’s a DIY thing and you can hand this task over to your friends and fam. Ask them to make neon colored paper planes with a something cute written on it and let them swoop it over you as you walk out of the wedding arena for that fun and playful effect.

Heart Shaped Color Paper

Ask you wedding gang to get some heart shaped colored papers ready for you and distribute them to your guests so that when you walk down the aisle or when you walk out with your partner, the guests shower those cute heart-shaped papers onto you. Plus this idea will certainly give you some gorgeous pictures!

Tiny Flowers

Beautiful and tiny flowers in pretty colors are yet another alternative to the rose petals. They’ll give nicer fragrance and a nicer look to your wedding portraits.

Colored Rice or Colored Oats… Even Puffed Rice or Poha

colored rice

Rice are considered auspicious for the married life. therefore to make this special detail look fancy and beautiful you can used colored rice, colored oats or even puffed rice or poha to springle on the couple wishing them a good and happy start.



Want something for that dreamy and picturesque effect?? Try bubbles! Plus it’ll give super pretty pictures as your guests will be blowing the bubbles for you.

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