10 Incredible Honeymoon Destinations You’ll Want To Stay At Forever!

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If you’ve recently tied the knot and searching for places on the globe to go to for your honeymoon or if you’re a globetrotter couple who generally likes strolling from place to another, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve got your needs covered over here. We are so soo done with touristy and beaten track places like Paris, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and so on. This is why, we researched about the most underestimated yet most beautiful destinations around the world for couples and here’s the list.

The Azores, Portugal

beautiful honeymoon destination

This place boasts a beautiful green weather, delicious food and a quiet, non-touristy atmosphere, perfect for relaxing with your new spouse. The lush green, scenic vistas are out of the world. And the best part about this place is that it’s pretty much affordable. This is why, it’s one of the best honeymoon destinations around the world.


unique honeymoon destinations

You can have the most wonderful time of your life with your partner at this amazing destination. The French architecture, sidewalk cafes, perfect weather, musical evenings will make you fall in love with this place. Also, staying in Montreal isn’t that expensive, so pack your bags and get ready to fly to one of the best honeymoon destinations!

Bruges, Belgium

best honeymoon destinations

If you want your give a fairytale kickstart to your wedding life, you must plan your honeymoon at this place. This quant li’l town has all the charm a European city couple possibly offer. The place isn’t over crowded, not over expensive, has great food options and the locals are extremely welcoming. And yes, Paris and Amsterdam are just a train ride away from here, so you can cover those beautiful honeymoon destinations too while you plan to visit Belgium!

Puerto Rico

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This beautiful island is cheaper than Hawaii and feels way more authentic. On top of that, San Juan is a 3.5 hours flight from Atlanta, giving you more reasons to cover these beautiful honeymoon destinations.

Savannah, Georgia

underrated honeymoon destinations

Artsy with a southern charm, Savannah is an awesome, unconventional honeymoon destination. You can plan a ghost-tour, hop bars and enjoy sight seeing in this beautifully beautiful city.

Central Europe

central europe

This can be an amazing honeymoon spot for you if you love exploring new places, new cultures and new archetypes. You can just rent a car, grab a car and start driving, wandering through the streets of Switzerland, Northern Italy and France. It can be the best spur-of-the-moment honeymoon for you, trust us!


romantic honeymoon destinations

Imagine Costa Rica 10-15 years ago……that is Honduras for you nowadays! It’s super relaxed, affordable and welcoming. You can plan a week doing eco-lodge hiking, rafting, kayaking and exploring the jungle, and then a week on the nearby island of Roatan. Plus, make sure you don’t miss out on snorkeling and other water activities at this place…for a splendid holiday experience. You can take a flight directly from Atlanta, Houston and Miami.

Canary Islands, Spain

canary islands spain

All the islands at this place are simply fabulous. You can literally climb on the top of the clouds to the top of a volcano and also explore the gorgeous black-sand beaches. It can be one hell of an experience for you!

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

best honeymoon destinations

It’s a charming town filled with cute bed-and-breakfasts and vintage shops. The surrounding area is perfect for outdoorsy types- Beaver Lake, 20-mins drive away is perfect for swimming and canoeing. Also, there are plenty of caves, hiking trails and scenic overlooks to explore.

Charleston, South Carolina

south carolina

The city’s culture and history is fascinating, therefore, you’ll get to see a lot of beautiful and scenic buildings at this place, and the beaches are simply stunning. Plus, this place is super affordable!!

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