10 Questions You Must Ask Each Other Before Tying The Knot!

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The beautiful tradition of marriage brings with it few good and few not-so-good surprises. One can never fully prepare themselves for all that a wedlock brings along, but its always on the plus side to have a fair idea on few of the important stuff that would or that already does matter a lot to you both.

things to do before marriage

The institution of marriage may not be as practical today as it was a hundred years ago, but the whole notion of it still maintains a romantic charm. And to keep that charm alive it is essential to set things right, right from the very beginning. In short, its time for you both to ‘have that talk!’

Here’s a list of 10 questions, you must ask each other before tying the knot:

1. How do you plan to manage the finances?

things to ask your partner before marriage

Well its true that its all begins with the big bucks! *Apologies to all the romantic folks* But this is the question that tops the list. It is important to discuss about the current finances as well as how the funds would be managed in the future by you both. This discussion done right and in a healthy way would help you both a lot in the future.

2. What are your Good-n-Bad Habits?

things to ask your partner before marriage

Now this is a super important one! Whether any of your smokes or drinks excessively or has a habit of excessive cleaning, it is important to know them all right now rather than finding it out when its too late! And for the goodie-goodie habits, well lets just say you might find out something that would make you fall for each other even harder! 😀

3. Would you be interested in the Diaper Duties?

things to ask your partner before marriage

You must know right from the start if your better half is interesting at the thought of starting a family sometime. And if yes, then who would do the diaper duties? Would they be shared equally or would one person have to bear it all? It is important to know the views of each other on this topic well in advance!

4. What about the Blast from the Past?

things to do before marriage

Another biggie! Ask each other how much comfortable are you with the ‘EX-Factor’ of each other. And if one of you is still friendly with their ex then how does the other person feel about it? It is essential to know the comfort level of your would-be spouse about the ex.

5. Is there a Medical History of concern?

Knowing about each other’s medical past is very important; as dramatic as it may sound, it could save your partner’s life at times! And there is nothing to hide in it, be very comfortable and tell each other all there is to tell about the medical history. You both should have all the important information about each other to help you make an informed decision.

6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

things to do before marriage

To know the ambitions of your partner is a must! Ask each other where do you see yourself in 10 upcoming years, to know all about the long term plans of your partner, job ambitions etc.

7. How would the Household chores come into play?

things to to do with your partner before marriage

The division of household chores also plays an important role in ‘the talk!’. With both of you involved in your respective job’s or businesses it is good to clear out that what would be the input of you both in the household hold. would they be divided equally or would one person have to bear the load?

8. What kind of relationship would you build with the future In-Laws?

things to to do with your partner before marriage

Knowing how important is the family and the extended family to each other is relevant. Does your soon to be better half care too much about the family or  is completely ignorant about it? Understanding all this will give you an idea about what is expected of you in the future as well as give an insight into your partners life.

9. How will the Friend Zone be managed?

things to to do with your partner before marriage

There might be a possibility that your better half is not entirely comfortable with the proximity you share with few of friends, especially of the opposite sex. So, the best thing to do is to come out clean and have a discussion about how comfortable are you both with each others friends, and whether a line needs to be drawn.

10. What are your Religious beliefs?

Probably a delicate topic, but this one does need to be handled with care. Knowing about each others religious beliefs and which religion do each of you follow is important.


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