10 Strange And Quirky Wedding Rituals Practised Only In India

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Weddings in India are an extremely emotional affair. With the diversity of cultures in our country, the wedding rituals and traditions are also diverse. Every culture has a set of beliefs and rituals that they practice during the wedding occasion. Some of them are beautiful while the others are absolutely weird and strange. The rituals are performed without anybody knowing or being able to find the logic behind them. We’ve curated a list of such strange and uncanny wedding rituals in India that are happening. And trust us, these are really really weird. You’ll have a fun time reading about them! 😀

Bihari Weddings

In many parts of Bihar, the mother-in-law appoints a series of earthen pots on the newly wed’s head and then she is aked to touch the feet of all the elders in the family whilst balancing those pots. The balancing of pots portrays the bride’s ability towards handling the responsibilities. Strange, right?

Gujarati Weddings

strange wedding rituals in india

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Okay, this tradition is extremely weird. Before entering the mandap, bride’s parents are supposed to wash the feet of the groom with a mixture of ‘milk and honey’. Once this is done, the groom is asked to drink the same potion with which his feet were washed. :/

Maharashtrian Weddings

weird wedding rituals in india

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Bride and groom are separated through a silk shawl called ‘Antrapat’ while performing their wedding rituals. It’s only in the end, when the groom is supposed to tie manglasutra to the bride, that the antrapat is removed and they’re allowed to finally see each other.

Manipuri Weddings

Folks in Manipur believe in releasing the evil spirit before moving ahead with the other wedding ceremonies. For that, the bride and groom are asked to release two fishes in a nearby bond. If the fishes go side by side, it is considered as a good sign. If not, then it’s considered inauspicious for the couple and their families.

Kumaoni Weddings

This one is really funny. Flags are used to host the entire wedding show, can you believe that? Yeah so, white flag represents the groom and his folks while the red glad represents the bride and her team. On the wedding day, white flag leads the groom and his baraat while the red flag runs around the beautiful bride. 😀

Tribal Weddings

strange wedding rituals in india

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In some tribal Indian wedding cultures, after the marriage, the bride is hidden at some place for one year and is restrained from interacting with people. After one year, the marriage is approved by the senior members and then a huge function is held in the community to celebrate the wedding. So unusual and so weird, isn’t it?

Bengali Weddings

This is the most outlandish thing you’ll ever read. The groom’s mother is not allowed to attend the wedding for the sake of his son’s happy married life. How absurd is that!

Tamil Brahmin Wedding

Okay, here comes the real drama. The groom has to literally change his mind and act like a sanyasi right before his wedding ceremonies and then his father is supposed to go and make him understand the importance of marriage and role of a husband, thus bringing him back to his ‘senses’. LOL!

Punjabi Weddings

weird wedding rituals in india

‘Ghada Gharoli’ is one of the most popular punjabi wedding rituals. The bride’s family is supposed to get a pot full of holy water from a nearby temple. Once they get it, the bride is take a bath with the holy water for overall prosperity of her married life.

Sindhi Weddings

A ritual called ‘santh’ is carried out in sindhi marriages wherein an anklet is tied to the feet of the bride and the groom and then eight married women are asked to pour oil over them as a blessing. Only after the oil is poured over them, they are allowed to wear shoes and break the earthen pots together (it signifies the breaking of old relationships and a new beginning).

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