10 Super Interesting Wedding Traditions From Around The World

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We’ve listed 10 of the most weirdly fascinating rituals from far lands to give you an idea about the traditions and rituals of the other side of the world. If you’re particularly fascinated by a certain custom, feel free to adopt it for your own wedding even if it’s outside your culture. Because, remember, love and weddings know no boundaries! You can get some best ideas for wedding in here if you wan to incorporate into your own wedding!

In Armenia

Want a glimpse of your future spouse? Quaff down a salty bread. That’s what single Armenian men and women do. According to the belief system, if you eat a slice of the high-sodium specialty, prepared by a happily married middle-aged woman or your grandmother, you will get a dream about your husband- or wife-to-be !!

In China

The prospective husband is supposed to shoot his bride’s picture with a bow and arrow several times and then collect those arrows and break them during the wedding ceremony to ensure that their love lasts forever. Well, what kind of love is this?

In Fiji

When a man asks for a woman’s hand from her father, he must present a whale’s tooth to the woman’s father to show his seriousness and love towards her. Only then her father would think about getting his daughter married with that guy. Woah!

In Mauritius

While brides in many parts of the world follow strict diet regimes to lose weight before their wedding day, brides in Mauritius are forced to pack in as many pounds as they can before their wedding. YEAH, REALLY !! As per their culture, the chubbier the bride is, the better she will be for the husband. Her weight is symbolic of the husband’s wealth. The weight of the bride is considered proportional to the fortune of the husband. Just Imagine. (We are running away to Mauritius asap! 😛)

In Germany

As the bride and grooms enters their house after the wedding, they’re made to wash a pile of porcelain dishes that their guests threw on the ground to keep away any evil spirits. The belief behind following this utterly weird ritual is that by learning to work together under such circumstances, the couple’s bond will grow stronger and the couple will be able to overcome any challenge thrown their way.

In Scotland

years ago, England prohibited marriages to couple who were 21 years of age or older but that didn’t stop the younger couples to find their way to wedding and being together. Gretna Green, a small village near Scotland is where all the young couples (younger than 21 years of age) can get married and stay with each other officially. This place is still popular for couples who want to elope.

In Greece

The groom’s BFF becomes his barber and pulls out a razor to clean shave his entire face. But on the sweeter side, once this is done, the mother-in-law of the groom feeds him with honey and almonds!

In Japan

Japanese brides in their traditional Shinto ceremony wear white from head to toe including makeup, kimono and hood. The white collar denotes her ‘maiden status’ as per the Japanese culture, the hood covers her ‘horns of jealousy’ towards her mother-in-law. Like really?

In Jamaica

Villagers line up in the street to take a look at the bride. It’s imperative for them to make negative comments about her if she doesn’t look pretty enough. In case the villagers do not approve her bridal appearance, she is supposed to go home and make a second try at looking good. OH-KAY!

In Czechoslovakia

Before the couple ties the knot, an infant is placed on their bed to boost their fertility. It’s believed that the baby would bless the fertile life of the couple and bring them close to each other. Later, the guests also shower them with rice, peas and lentils to further promote the fertility of the couple.

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