10 Types Of Shoes Every Woman Must Own!

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Is a closet full of pretty shoes your idea of heaven on Earth? Carrie Bradshaw style? Trust us, we understand your shoe fetish. Be it footwears for wedding functions or pretty party shoes, from Cinderella to Bollywood divas, everyone dreams of owning one or hundred perfect pairs!

types of shoes all woman must have

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Would you believe us if we say that there’s no reason to own a hundred pairs when all you need are only ten staples? Read on to find out the ten specific styles of shoes to build the perfect wardrobe. Don’t worry, these ten handpicked patterns never go out of style and will go along with every piece in your wardrobe.

#1: Black Pumps

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It’s impossible to navigate through life without the ubiquitous black pumps. They go along with everything – from casual tee and jeans, party wear or your work wear. Pair them with any ensemble, and you’re ready to go.

#2: Ballet Flats

beautiful footwear for women

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They are no-fuss and strike the right balance between feminine grace and casual vibes. You can pair them with dresses, pleated skirts and not have to worry about hurting your feet. They make you look classy without any effort.

#3: White Sneakers

gorgeous footwears

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Everyone needs a pair of comfy sneakers to let off steam during weekends or at casual meets. A white sneaker while being casual also gives a sophisticated or dressy vibe when you pair them with jeans or shorts.

#4: Ankle Length Boots

types of shoes all woman must have

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It’s no wonder that these have a huge fan following. From celebrities and models, to teen college girls, everyone is seen sporting these. The walkable heels and neutral hues go with anything in your wardrobe.

#5: Flat Sandals

best shoes for women

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Come summer, you need a pair of sandals to slip on and carry on with your work. They are the classier alternative to flip-flops. This is ideal to run errands or to wear between meetings at work to give your tired feet a respite.

#6: Wedges

 types of shoes all woman must have

Available at: flipkart.com

Wedges are not only comfortable to walk in but pair well with both casual shorts and denim and party wear. Skip the platform wedges (Think: Ekta Kapoor) as they are so last decade and opt for wedge sandals.

#7: Statement Heels


Available at: limeroad.com

Every girl needs a pair of killer heels to look sexy instantly. You can choose from statement prints, vibrant colours or intricate detailing, depending on your personal style. These are your go-to pair when you want to look and feel sexy.

#8: Kitten Heels

pretty shoes for all women

Available at: ajio.com

The height of kitten heels is perfect for those occasions when you want to look feminine yet don’t want to tire out your feet from wearing sky-high heels. Think of work parties or house parties, where you are likely to be on your feet for a good part of the time.

#9: Gold Sandals

gorgeous footwear for women

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They are more of jewellery for your foot. Instead of choosing your killer heels you can wear gold sandals. They pair with all outfits from fancy dresses to party pants. You can choose two strapped ones or Grecian style sandals.

#10: Smart Loafers

beautiful footwear for women

Available at: thelabellife.com

They are the classier alternatives to your casual sneakers. They’re timeless and pair with everything and a wardrobe mainstay. These ten styles never go out of style and are here to stay. So, add them to your wardrobe, and you are ready to tackle any occasion with the right pair of footwear.

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