10 Wedding Cake Ideas We Absolutely Love!

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Cake presentation is an important part of the wedding show. While many of us spend hours and days on selecting the entire wedding itinerary and the best wedding venue in Delhi, what we miss out on is the cake designing. There are top bakeries in Delhi that make the most delicious cakes. More gorgeous is the cake, more guests will be enticed by your arrangements. So, here we are giving you the most mesmerizing cake design ideas for your wedding day. We bet you and your loved ones are going to love these amazingly amazing cake designs. Go ahead and have a look at all of them!

Cakes encrusted with a story

wedding cake ideas


Just imagine how beautiful it would be to get a cake at your wedding venue with your love story encrusted on it! It’s not just going to make you feel special but will also leave your guests spellbound.

Metallic top with black base

metallic cake decor


Metallic cakes are hitting the wedding trend list these days and black bottoms are new yet classy. You can combine the metallic and black cake decor to come with something as amazing as this one.

Four tier wedding cake draped in flowers

flower cake


Flowers have always looked awesome on any kind of cake design. But how about getting a whopping cake designed in white with floral drapes on it?

The ‘Doughnut’ cake

doughnut cake


Trust us, this is sure to leave your guests drooling over the cake (or the dough nut cake) fed at your nuptials. Probably everyone can grab a doughnut from it, after you cut this tempting cake.

Upside down cakes

upside down cake


This is yet another popular cake trend of the time. Upside down cakes, chandelier cakes and floating cakes are the style of this wedding season. A falling cake that’s not really falling looks amazing!

The ‘Hanging’ cake

hanging cake


You can plan on getting the cake inside the venue on a flower trolley hanged with chic strings or any other string decoration you want to do. It’s a beautiful way of presenting a cake on your big day.

The ‘cupcake’ cake

cupcake cake

One large cake made with so many cupcakes, we’re already relishing the idea! And if you’re planning to have a cake like this in your wedding, then don’t forget to count us in at all.

Ombre ruffle cake

beautiful wedding cake

If you like everything vintage and want to give your wedding cake the same theme, then you must go for an ombre colored ruffle cake. It looks classy, minimalist and chic.

Half super hero cake

superhero cake


Got a partner that’s crazy about the superhero series? Well then, you know you can plan your wedding cake around the same theme. Half cake decor can be done in your style and half of it can have the superhero elements in it for perfect personalization. We’ve mentioned the details in the end for topmost cakeries to find fancy cakes in Delhi and best wedding cakes in Delhi for your celebration.

Beautiful spring themed cake

gorgeous engagement cake


Honestly, this one’s our favorite on the list. It’s beautiful, enchanting and represents the happy new beginnings just like the spring season. You can get this cake designed from any of the top bakeries in Delhi or famous cake shops in Delhi.

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