10 Women Reveal How Courtship Period Is Really Like

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In every couple’s lives the most romantic moments in their lives together is the courtship period. This sweet period before they are declared a couple in the eyes of the law is when romance is at its peak before the reality of marriage sets in. Here we have a list of beautiful women telling us their experiences about their courtship period. Just like them there are so many other beautiful couples who share their wedding details as true stories with us!

courtship period revelations

Nikita Sharma,22

I never had a serious relationship before marriage. When I got fixed with Abhimanyu and when our three month long courtship period started, I never wanted it to end. He knew how I had never experienced relationship fun before so he made a point to surprise me as much as he can and pamper me a lot. I fell in love with him every single day until we got married. It’s been a year now and he’s still the same and I’m the world’s luckiest wife!


Sonali Kapoor, 26

My husband planned a surprise road trip to massoorie. He called all my friends along and I had no idea there he had booked a villa and planned a bachelorette party. It was the craziest thing ever and I can never get enough of it. He’s the most fun loving partner to be with and I feel so lucky.

Sanchi Budhraja, 26

Mine is an arrange marriage and we agreed for each other on very general and basic reasons. Basically we weren’t in love. And after my roka, we had a three month long courtship period and whenever I used to meet him there used to be some awkwardness. So one day I decided to break the ice. Afterall I had to spend my entire life with this person so I planned a movie date with him and I remember it was a comedy movie. We were laughing like crazy and I held his hand and he looked at me and we kissed. That was the moment I felt love and connection. From there on, it’s been a year and a half and he’s the man I would want to fell in love with every single day.

Ritika Khurana, 29

So my courtship period was a bit quirky one. We used to meet almost every day, going on dates and spending as much time together as possible. One time I remember, after a dinner date he came home to drop me and before getting out of the car he leaned on to kiss me. Now, I knew he had never kiss someone before so I felt a bit weird but then I felt nice. I mean the feeling of being in charge for the first time was amazing and adding onto this that I was his first kiss ever made me feel really special.

Anisha Kalra, 31

I met him in an arranged setup. Our families knew each other but I was never attracted to him. Plus I had never had a conversation with him so I didn’t know how he was. But due to family pressure I couldn’t say know and eventually we got engaged. But once our courtship period started, I was seeing a shy Nikhil turn into this fun and adventurous person. He took me to so many trips and made me experience things I’ve never experienced before. How he made me see the world differently couldn’t stop me but fall for him.

Alisha Verma, 29

I had recently broken up and it was a bad breakup. My family wanted me to get married immediately. So my dad’s friend came to our house with a marriage proposal and I said yes. I knew I wasn’t over my ex-boyfriend and I told Arjun (currently my husband) about it. He took it in such a mature manner and took every day as it came. He first became my friend whom I shared all my feelings with and then god knows how he made me fall in love with him. From pampering me to cute little surprises, but what attracted me the most was his patience with me. He’s such a mature and loving person. And I bet this time I felt more free and myself being in love.

Jahanvi Grover, 33

Rohan and I, we both are fashion photographers. After dating for five years we decided to get engaged. A month after our engagement, Rohan confessed that he had slept with a few models in the recent time and I immediately wanted to call off our wedding. But he was desperate to have me back and confessed his love almost everyday. But I knew if I will get married to him I will never forget what he did with me and so one crazy night I slept with a random guy at a party and told Rohan about it. I told him now that we’re even if you want me back and accept me like this. I know it sounds crazy but this was the only thing that came into my mind. Today we are happily married, never spoke about our respective incidents and it’s been three years now.

Neelam Singh, 49

My husband and I had a one year long, long distance courtship period. He lived in Chandigarh and I was in Delhi. Despite of the distance I never felt that he was never with me anyday. He used to write me letters everyday sometimes about his love for me, sometimes about a funny experience and some expressing his sadness over not having me around everyday. I still have those letters he wrote me. He’s always been a very romantic partner during special things for me. He’s always been my rock.

Gayatri Sarda, 30

I fell in love with someone else. Yes, during my courtship period with someone I fell in love with an old friend of mine. I know that sounds messed up and trust me it was. I didn’t know what to do. My wedding was only two months away. But I gathered the courage to be honest with him and told him about Shivam (my husband and that old friend). At first he was devastated and both our families were very upset with me. I had no other option but to do this. I cancelled the wedding and dated Shivam for about eight months and then we got married.

Sukanya Bajaj, 29

So I had this funny courtship period once. I found a nice guy on a well-known wedding website. My family also liked him and I met him for about six seven times. And we decided to get married. But sometimes I used to think if he’s gay or it’s just how he behaves. There were certain things he used to do which always used to make me wonder about his preferences and one night we went partying and he got sloshed and after fifteen minutes I found him kissing another guy around the bar. And that moment I didn’t know whether to laugh or to be upset about it. I, obviously called off the wedding and it eventually became my hilarious story of my life.

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