11 Beautiful Mehendi Trends for the New Age Brides!

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When you are a bride-to-be, dreaming of the perfect Mehendi design is common out of many wishes a girl has! And why not? After all, it is your wedding! But we get it, finding a design for your Mehendi can be a confusing task. Especially, if you are looking for something which is fresh in the trends or if you want to go for something extremely unique and offbeat, leaving the same old patterns behind. Well, after searching through the big giant we call as the internet, we spotted some of the most unique and bespoke Mehendi designs for the new age brides of 2018!


1.Parrots In Your Mehendi

Oh! How lovely these cute parrot motifs look in this bride’s mehendi!

Bespoke Mehndi Design | Bridal Mehendi Design | Bridal Mehendi Shoot | Black and white Bridal Mehendi Shoot | Function Mania

Image Credits: Morvi Images 

PARROT Mehendi Design for Brides | Bridal Mehendi Designs | Function Mania

Image Credits: Mayuri Mehendi


2. Portraits In Your Mehendi

Having your fiance’s portrait made on your Mehendi-laden hands could be one of the cutest ways to show how much you adore your beau!

Bridal Mehendi | Fiance's Portrait on Bride's Mehendi | Studio Pep Photography | Function Mania

Image Credits: Studio Pep Photography

Or maybe this one, with your and your fiance’s picture replicated in your Mehendi tattoo!

Couple Portrait on Mehendi Designs | Bridal Mehendi Designs | Function Mania

Image Credits: Sara’s Henna 



3. Caricatures In Your Mehendi

I don’t think there is anything cuter than having caricatures drawn in your Mehendi designs! Don’t they just make you happy?

You don't like it the traditional way? Do it your way then. We're loving this caricatured bridal mehendi. #photography #mehendi #henna #mehendidesigns #mehendipatterns #caricatures #cartoon #hennadesigns #indianbride #bridalmehendi #bride #essentials #wedding #wedding | Function Mania

Image Credits: Pinterest



4. Back Henna

For those brides who know how to keep it modern and traditional at the same time when it comes to taking Mehendi goals up a notch!

Back henna for new ideas on Mehendi designs | Trends in Mehendi Designs | Beautiful Mehendi Designs | Function Mania Image Credits: Pinterest

Back Henna tattoo | Mehendi Pictures | beautiful mehendi designs | Back henna tattoo | Function Mania Image Credits: Nitin Arora Photography



5.  Your Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtags have become a popular trend these days! So be it for your Instagram updates related to the wedding event or your Mehendi design, hashtagging is definitely a cool way to make things more interesting!

Karishma and Jyotveer | Anandkaraj | Sikh wedding in Delhi |The bride and the groom flaunting their hashtag through mehendi. | Story Monk | Every Indian bride’s Fav.| Function Mania Image Credits: Story Monk


 Couple Hashtag on Mehendi Design | Function Mania Image credits: Pinterest

Another way to personalise your Mehendi Design is to have your and your fiance’s name etched with henna! Stunner would be the perfect word to describe this one!

Couple's Initials on feet mehendi design | Golden Anklets for Brides | Bridal Mehendi Shoot | Idea for Mehendi Designs | Function Mania Image Credits: Sarara Mehendi



6. Your Favourites in your Mehendi Design

Absolutely in love with the way this bride has her love for coffee, music and her favourite city’s skyline drawn in her Mehendi design!

bride has her love for coffee, music and her favourite city's skyline drawn in her Mehendi design | Indian Bridal Mehendi Design | beautiful mehendi design | Sunflower design on Mehendi Design | Function Mania Image Credits: weddingz.in


7. Disney Themed Bridal Henna

If not all, most of us did grow up watching Disney fairytales and we love each one of them! And for a princess that you already are, and is all set to be a queen of someone’s heart, we bet, these designs will definitely be worth getting inspired from!

Aladin and Jasmine in Mehendi Designs | Disneyland Skyline in Mehendi | Lotus Motifs in Mehendi Design | Couple's Name on Mehendi Design | Function Mania Image Credits: Henna by Divya 

Tinker bell, Disneyland drawn on Mehndi design | Disney Themed Mehendi Design | Bridal Mehendi Design | Function Mania Image Credits: Sara’s Henna


8. Minimalism In Your Mehendi

Gone are the days when covering your whole arms was a thing in Bridal Mehendi designs! These days, brides have started opting for a minimalistic henna design over anything that usually requires a lot of time in terms of completing the design and sitting for the same!

Loving this minimal design perfect for a minimalist bride | Vowsandtales #weddings#indianbride #weddingbells_786#weddingphotography #mehendi #mehendigoals#lehenga #henna #hennatattoo#hennaartist #indianweddinginspiration #weddinggoals#weddingbuzz #mehendi #indianbride #minimalist #bridal #brides #indianwedding | Function ManiaImage Credits: Vows and Tales 

Minimal Henna Design | bridal mehendi design | Function Mania


9. Jewellery like Mehendi

In designs like these, haathphools are the main source of inspiration! Loving the way how these Mehendi designs are almost replicating the actual pieces of hand jewellery!
Ring Finger Mehendi Designs | Jewellery Mehendi Designs | Chain Mehendi Designs | beautiful Mehendi Design | Function Mania Image Credits: hiffyraja 

floral henna design | Haathphool Mehendi Design | Bridal Mehndi Design | Bridal Mehendi Shots | Function Mania

Image Credits: Henna Lounge

 henna tattoo #tattoo #naturaltattoo #harmlesstattoo #temporarytattoo | Jewelllery Mehendi Design | Bridal Mehendi Design | beautiful Mehendi Design | Function Mania

Image Credits: Pinterest

10. Nets in Your Mehendi Design

The moment we spotted this Victorian-style Mehendi Design, it was love for us at first sight! So elegant and pretty!

Victorian floral mehendi design | Minimal Bridal Mehendi Design | Beautiful Mehendi Designs with net | Function Mania

Image Credits: Pinterest 

Leaf nets make a pretty addition to bridal mehndi! We love how this simple netty leaf pattern is exalting the beauty of this bride’s henna design.

Leafy-Net for Bridal Mehendi Ideas | Beautiful Mehendi Designs | Blue and Golden Dress for Mehendi Ceremony | Bride with floral tiara hiding her face | Bridal Mehendi Ideas | Function Mania

Image Credits: Vision One Studios 

Net Intricate Bridal Henna | Mehendi Designs for Brides | Function Mania

Image Credits: Sarara Mehendi 

11. White Mehendi

Symbolizing the unconventionality and newness in traditional Mehendi designs, this sort of Henna tattoos have already become a rage in western beauty trends. And not just there, even in India, women have started developing a taste for this! The white henna tattoo is indeed a perfect alternative for the brides who want to go for an offbeat Mehendi design and colour for their wedding.

White Henna, New Trend in Indian Weddings | French Manicure | White Nail Art | Function Mania

Image Credits: Pinterest

Gorgeous Henna Tattoos in white | White Henna | Leaf Designs For Henna | Function Mania

White Mehendi for Brides | Jhumkas | Glittery Eye make up | Function Mania

Image Credits: hennabydivya

So which one do you like the most? Do tell us in the comment section below!



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