12 Creative Ways To Announce Your Maternity

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Oh, BABY!  Such BIG NEWS! First of all, YAY! Congrats to you!!

You are probably wondering how you will share this AH-mazing news. It seems pretty anti-climactic to just tell your closest family and friends in casual conversation.  Don’t you think?  But don’t you worry! We’ve got you covered with over 12 funniest, cutest and seriously- creative ways to break the news in front of friends and family. These fun ideas will pull off the perfect reveal for all the special ones around you. And yes did we mention that these ideas are simple and easy too? We know how life suddenly gets “Oh So busy” when you are expecting, so we have only gathered the best of the best that the world of baby bump announcements has to offer!

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1. Announce with Baby Books

Grab a children’s book to help prepare the kiddos for their newest sibling and spread the word at the same time or, if you don’t have any children yet, snap a photo with some baby naming books or something like “What to Expect when you’re expecting”!

fun ways to announce your pregnancy

2. Announce with Baby Shoes

Who can resist the cuteness of itty bitty baby shoes?  Take a picture with a tiny pair to let the world know your “family will be growing by 2 feet!”. Such cute pictures will make your social media troll with messages and congratulations reactions.

fun ways to announce your pregnancy

3. Announce with a ChalkBoard

Chalkboards allow for so much creativity when writing out your exciting news.  Just look at all of the cute and clever ideas below.  We are loving the chalk baby bump! You can try a simple chalkboard, learn how to make one yourself, or {if you’re willing to sacrifice a wall}, pick up some chalkboard paint for tons of flexibility!

fun ways to announce your pregnancy

4. Announce with a “BumpAhead” Sign

How clever is this?!  Announce your growing baby bump by taking a picture next to a “Bump Ahead” road sign.  You can create your very own sign like this.

amazing ways to announce your pregnancy

5. Announce with a “Baby on Board” Sign 

You can buy these “Baby on Board” signs almost anywhere. Simply stick one on your car and snap a pic or just pose with it like the examples below.

amazing ways to announce your pregnancy

6. Announce with Balloons

Grab a couple of balloons and add your due date to let your friends know when you’re “Expected to POP!”

fun ways to announce your pregnancy

7. Announce with Signs

If this isn’t your first child, here’s a great idea!  Make some number signs to count the ages of each child. If you aren’t feeling so crafty, you can purchase a cute one here or a simple one ready-to-paint here.  The baby’s sign can go over your tummy or in an empty chair!

cute ways to announce your pregnancy

8. Announce with a “Bun in the Oven”

“A bun in the oven” is one of the most well-known pregnancy expressions.  So why not take a picture of a bun in your actual oven?  Or order a hand-sculpted salt dough “bun” to be delivered to family and friends to announce the news!  What a keepsake that would be.

fun ways to announce your pregnancy

9. Announce with an Eviction Notice

If your youngest is still sleeping in a crib, here’s a hilarious idea.  Take a picture of an eviction notice letting them know that they must “vacate the premises” for the expected “new tenant” around your due date.

cute ways to announce your pregnancy

10. Announce with your Cravings

Craving pickles and ice cream lately?  Taking a photo with your bizarre cravings is a fun and unique way to spill the beans.

fun ways to announce your pregnancy

11. Announce with your Shadow

If you’re handy with Photoshop, you should totally try this one clever baby bump announcement idea.  See how long it takes your friends and family to notice the baby bump in the shadow.

amazing ways to announce your pregnancy

12. Announce with Big Brother Award

This is the cutest. Celebrating the transition to Big Brother or Big Sister is a big thing! Prep the siblings with this fun announcement.

cute ways to announce your pregnancy

So when are you choosing baby bump announcements in a creative or clever way?  We’d LOVE to hear about it!



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