13 Useful Marriage Advice By Experienced Couples To Not-So-Experienced Ones

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We all know that no guy has ever been able to crack the code of a ‘happy wife’ but all the women know quite well about how to make their men happy (well, that’s how amazing they are). But there are some lucky married couples who have cracked the code of a long lasting happy marriage and they are quite willing to share their successful marriage tips with all you newly married couples out there. Love, trust and understanding are the support system of every relationship but you also have to make a little bit of extra efforts to bring back the spark for your partner to keep the spark alive in your marriage for a lifetime. Read on to know the best marriage advice for the couple:

1. “Limit Your Expectations”

Too many expectations have and will always ruin relationships. So try and manage yours according to your relation and how well it works for the both of you.


2. ” Never Assume – Ask” 

You will never really know what your partner wants unless you communicate. So be it any problem or query, you need to be open about asking the smallest questions about it.


3. “Don’t Take Everything So Seriously”

Just laugh it off. Laugh at all the little things and throw away all the jealousy. Life is too short to take everything damn thing so seriously.


4. “Stop Taking Other People’s Advice All The Time” 

Can you please use your own brain sometimes? It’s your relationship and why do you think people are going to know more about it. They are only going to advice you on the limited information you give them on a particular topic. You and your partner are the best ones to know the smallest details.


5. “Treat Your Partner Like They’re The Love Of Your Life”

From the beginning it should be like he/she was the one you were looking for your entire life. Love your partner crazily. Never call each other by names or abuse. Issues can be solved by talking normally as well. Once the bad stuff starts in a relationship, there’s no end to it. Never say horrible things to each and never hurt one another in a way that it becomes almost impossible to go back to normal.


6. “Your Marriage Like A Business”

Marriage is always a business decision where you commit to invest your time, love, money for life. Most of the marriage breaks due to disagreements about kids, money, and/or sex. You can be committed to someone and keep your financial independence.


7. “Get To Know What Exactly Makes Your Partner Feel Loved”

You may think your partner can read your mind but surprisingly that’s not how it works. You have to communicate with each other, ask what they like and dislike mentally and physically. Only then there will be a free flow of positive and happy energy between you two.


8. “Don’t Keep Score”

There are adjustments and compromises in every marriage but you cannot and should not keep a score about them. Yes, the adjustments have to be from both the sides but even if it isn’t 50/50, please don’t make a fuss about it.


9. “Your Partner Has To Be Your Best Friend No Matter What”

Passion is important but friendship is essential. When things go wrong you friendship is the only thing that can solve many problems and keep you strong enough to deal with difficult times.


10. “Get Some Wireless Headphones As The Third Wheel Your Room”

It’s funny but it’s essential. Sometimes your partner and you don’t have the same taste when it comes to watching T.V. or at times one is very tired and sleepy, so in that case you put in your wireless headphones and enjoy your time without disturbing each other.


11. “Don’t Bitch About Your Partner To Other People”

Never ever bad mouth your partner to friends and family, whatever annoys you about him, keep it to yourself. Because the more you speak openly about it to others the more real it becomes in your head. And it’s definitely not going to be healthy for your relationship.


12. “Never Stop To Fall In Love With Your Spouse”

Marriage is falling in and out of love everyday. So you should keep trying new stuff with your partner. Go on adventurous trips, dates and keep surprising each other occasionally. This marriage advice for the couple will definitely keep the spark alive and forever won’t matter.


13. “Never Stop Saying ‘I Love You’ and ‘Thank You’ To Each Other” 

No matter for how long you’ve been married, always remember to say ‘I love you’ every night before going to bed. Subconsciously it will be the last thing in both of your minds. And always say ‘thankyou’ if they have washed the dishes or even taken the trash out. This way you don’t take each other for granted and there’s steady flow or love and respect.

Well this was the most genuine wedding advice for couples who want to bring back the spark and trust us, if you apply all these, things will get so much better. This is all coming from the experienced so we’re sure everything has a meaning to it.


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