17 *Adorable* Little Vows To Make To Him Just Before Your Wedding!

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And you both finally planned to get hitched and stay with each other for life?

Congratulations, YAYYYY!!! To make this happy occasion far more happier, make these cute little vows to each other right before you officially tie the knot. Infact, note it down somewhere so that they stay with you for life and cheer you guys up in your ‘low’ life moments. Here are those vows that you SHOULD make to each other!

1. “I vow to be my crazy silly and goofy self all my life without holding any layers of pretension, i promise to always be myself no matter how life treats us and how much we’re forced into behaving like typical adults all the time.”

adorable couple

2. “Before anything else, i will always ALWAYS be your friend, your girl-friend, your wing-woman and i vow to share all my life issues with you without hiding anything.”


3. “I vow to patiently listen to all your rants and rant with you about whoever or whatever it is, even if it isn’t the most reasonable thing to do.”



4. “I might not be the most easy-breezy person to be with, but for you, and just for you, i promise that i’ll try to become the one!”


5. “I promise to always stand by your side, even when you’re losing and will cheer you up till you reach your finish line.”


6. “I vow to take you out for romantic dates and long drives even when we grow old and our kids have their kids.”


7. “Dear future husband, i vow to get you your favorite ice-creams and pizza in your low or bad life moments, every time!”



8. “I pledge to be your partner in crime in all the pranks you pull on other people… (just not my family and best-friends, okay? :D)”



9. “I vow to give you your own time and space whenever you want it, there’ll be no interference and tantrums from my side regarding that.” (P.S. It should happen only once in a while, okay?)


10. “I vow to never make you feel jealous or insecure deliberately as you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me and i do love you the most with all my heart.”



11. “I vow i will not let you sleep outside the house even if i find out that you snore, burp, sleep in a marathon position or when we have a huge fight (P.S. You can sleep in the kitchen or bathtub! :P)


12. “I vow to not get judgmental and understand you when you feel off, flawed or defeated. I will try my best to become your support system and make you feel better with your favorite PlayStation games and lots of food stuff ’cause I Love You!” :*


13. “I pledge to be more exciting in bed and other things……as well.”



14. “I promise to respect and consider your opinion on every life issue we go through, i will not purposely impose my views upon you and whatever conclusion we reach, it’ll be mutually decided.”


15. “I will make sure that i don’t leave the house or switch off my phone whenever we get into any bad fight and yes, the same applies to you too! *LIKE A BOSS*”



16. “I will try to sort out everything with you before we go to bed so that there are no thoughts, no unsaid feelings that bother us when we get up the next morning.”

adorable couple

17. “And yeah, i will always always LOVE you this much or maybe more…………even when we grow old……even when you’re 80 and you can’t do any sort of shit on your own. I will love you the same!”



With Love,

Your Wife-To-Be!

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