5 Awesome Baarat Ideas You’ll Want To Steal For Your Wedding!

Indian weddings for years have all been about the bride and all her wedding finery. Now, all that has changed and Indian grooms are enjoying their share of the limelight as well. The grooms of today are unique, bold and have a refined taste. They are willing and even eager to pull in a few stunts to get their share of attention. After all, it’s their big day too.

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So, if you are soon to be hitched and looking for unique ideas to make your entry, then you have arrived at the right place. Here, we have compiled a few fantastic baarat ideas to make your grand entry and sweep your beautiful bride off her feet.

1. Make a lavish entry

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If you want to leave your guests awestruck and make your bride feel proud of her man, then this one is for you. Though a bit, on the extreme side of wedding budgets, you must try this on your big day. Forget the boring old horses and elephants; charter a helicopter to arrive in style, directly at your wedding venue.

2. Ride on your first love

groom entry on bike

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Your bike will always be your first love, and your bride fell in love with you, seeing you race on your dream machine in style. So, it’s only fair that you ride on your first love to wed your forever love. Make this entry grander, by rounding up a few of your buddies to ride in synchronisation. Dress the part, wear your ultra-sleek biking gear: leather jackets on top of your wedding sherwani to give a twist to the classical look.

3. Dance your way to the venue

Multicolour Dance Floor Decor for Garden Wedding

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The groom gets left out of the fun, while the wedding party dance to their heart’s content. Change this tired routine by hiring a competent wedding choreographer. Learn a few Bollywood-style steps and get your wedding party join in on the fun. Any peppy Bollywood dance track is sure to keep everyone swaying to the music.

4. Charm your bride & make her fall in love all over again

rickshaw with bride and groom

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If you’re a romantic at heart, then this one is perfect for you. Play an instrument or sing a lovey-dovey song and dedicate it to the queen who has captured your heart. Serenade your pretty bride and make her blush. You can be sure that with this gesture, she will fall in love with you all over once again.

5. Make your guests spellbound by performing a stunt

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If you’re an adrenaline junkie who loves trying daredevil stunts, then why not use it to make your entrance? Enter performing a daredevil act like swinging on trapeze bars mounted on the ceiling or riding an ATV to the venue. Whatever stunt you choose, try to make sure that you seek the help of professionals to ensure that it’s safe.

While deciding on your Baarat, try to select baarat ideas that reflects your personality, so that you have fun doing it. Ultimately, it’s equal parts impressing your guests and equal parts creating sweet memories that you’ll cherish forever. Just make sure you get it all covered by the top wedding photographers in Delhi.

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