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5 Cool Ways in which you can Recycle your Wedding Lehenga

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wedding lehenga to an Indian bride is what Bat-cape is to Batman.  You can’t imagine the two without each other.

However, post the wedding ceremony, most of a bride’s dresses are doomed to be packed in a box only to be never used again. But you can rescue your wedding lehenga from that forsaken state. How?

Grab your reading glasses because…

We have compiled 5 cool ways in which you can Recycle your Wedding Lehenga and save it from a dusty fate:

1. Make it less voluminous

Ask your tailor to reduce the volume and weight of your wedding lehenga. Doing so will help you breeze through any upcoming event in which you plan to wear the toned-down version of the same attire.

red golden bridal lehenga

Image Courtesy-Pinterest

2.   Duppatta with a complimenting salwar-kameez

You can use the dupatta of your wedding lehenga on a simple and monochromatic silk salwar and kameez. It will only enhance the poise and grace to your look.

As an add-on, you can accessorize your look with a beautiful maang-teeka complementing your pretty face!

Pink embellished Golden Dupatta

Image Courtesy-Pinterest

3.    Revamp it into an Anarkali

Lehengas transformed into Anarkali dresses will not only be super comfortable to wear but will also give a whole new look. Just ask your designer/tailor to remove the extra fabric and embroidered parts and you will be good to go!

GoldenMahroon Anarkali

Image Courtesy-Pinterest

4.     Fusion to the rescue

Already bored with an all-traditional look?

Why don’t you team up your blouse with a smart denim jacket and a pair of high waist denim or a long skirt?

Let’s have a look at this uber-cool fusion dress…

Blouse with Denim Jacket

Image Courtesy- Pinterest

Or you can wear a simple yet a strategically designed blouse with your lehenga skirt.

Image Courtesy-Pinterest

You can also use your blouse with a simple skirt…

Blouse with Simple Skirt

Image Source- Pinterest

5.     Wear it again!

Re-Wear It

Image Source-Pinterest

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to look like a bride at someone else’s Big-day, as it takes only a microsecond for a joyous bride to metamorphose into a Bridezilla! So, to abide by the Universal Bride-Code, you can pair the same dress with a simple hairstyle, minimal makeup and light jewellery.

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