5-Minute Workout Tricks That can Help You Stay In Shape!

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Forget those long workout sessions and demanding hours in the gym to get rid of the flabby chunks. Now, you can stay fit and function-ready with these 5 minute workout tricks. There are many diet tips that a doctor can recommend for you to achieve a balanced a health and shape. ¬†Especially if you’re married or planning to get married or the function days are kicking in and don’t really get time out of your super busy lifestyle to hit the gym, then this is perfectly meant for you. We’re giving you a list of 5-minute power packed exercises that you can do at home regularly and maintain your size.

Want to know how? Well then, scroll down to read more about these exceptional exercise routines.

Jumping Rope- 68 Calories

workout tricks for healthy life

For those who don’t know: Jumping ropes helps in losing calories like nothing else. Fitness freaks even include this as a part of their gym training schedule to stay robust and in size. Jump a rope as fast as you can to get maximum results!

Walking lunges- 45 Calories

workout tricks for healthy life

Got a heavier lower body?

Don’t worry, we have the solution. Ding walking lunges while walking down the hallway or stairway will help you to get a perfect lower body super speedily!

Running- 62 Calories

workout tricks for healthy life

Choose a block near your house, in the park or any spacious place and running ’round that block for 5-7 minutes without taking rest. It’s a great way of burning the fat and maintaining your shape.

Zumba Dance Moves- 45 Calories

workout tricks for healthy life

Like to dance?

Well the, play on the music and dance for 5 minutes non-stop. Doing Zumba moves will help you reduce the extra flesh on your body frame and stay healthy!

Climbing up and down the stairs- 36 Calories

workout tricks for healthy life

This is one of the best work-out regime to stay in shape. Daily give 5-10 minutes to stair climbing and coming down. You’ll get results faster than ever!

Push Ups- 45 Calories

workout tricks for healthy life

Do as many push-ups as you can do in five minutes. It not only helps in toning your muscles but also boosts the process of losing body-weight.


P.S. Repeat these everyday to keep your body-fat away!

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