5 Reasons Why You Should Take Dance Lessons Before Your Wedding

Attending an Indian wedding? Of-course you’ll have to dance!

Indian weddings are a fun-filled celebration and dancing is an imperative obligation which you can’t escape if you’re going to attend one soon. And if you’re either of the bride or the groom then swaying to the beats of dhol is more of a ritual without which any of your wedding function would be incomplete.

Whether you’re pro at dance or not, you would never want your wedding album to have any weird or trippy pictures of yours. Don’t worry, we’re not here lecture you about your dance moves, but if you don’t want to scare off your guests from the dance floor, then its high time that you hire a professional wedding dance choreographer.
And if you’re hoping to rock the floor with your dear one, then we’d suggest you take couple dance lessons for your wedding. Taking dance classes with your better half to-be is also a good idea to bond with your future spouse and it’s the perfect plan to add some craziness and romance in your wedding planning.

Also, dancing provides you with the added benefit of staying fit, reducing your stress level-and who wouldn’t want to lose those extra calories before the big day! Right?

1. There won’t be any awkward swaying back and forth

Being the bride and groom means you’re the center of attention and all eyes will be on you and we highly doubt that you would want to ruin this moment with one wrong move. We’re not asking for you to get the moves like Hritik Roshan or something, but don’t you think dancing on a good choreographed number will have its own charm?

361 Degree Productions

 Image Courtesy: 361 Degree Productions

2. Build the magical connection

Somewhere in between the middle of your song, you fall in love all over again. Nothing can compare to the feeling and intimacy of love which dancing together can rejuvenate in one moment.

Wedding Nama

Image Courtesy: Wedding Nama

3. Fun Work-Out

Between the hustle and bustle of wedding stress you don’t get enough time to tone your body. Some couples do get personal gym sessions, but where’s the fun in that?

361 Degree Productions

 Image Courtesy: 361 Degree Productions

4. Stress Buster

We’re well aware how stressful planning a wedding can be. Your dancing lessons save you from all the last moment dramas and give you a peaceful time to break-free from all the stress and just live in the moment for a little while.

Pooja Joseph Photography

Image Courtesy: Pooja Joseph Photography

5. It’s Showtime

What’s the point of learning the moves, if you won’t get to show them off… and we’d say if you’re taking on the dance floor, why not spellbound the audience in the awe of your newfound, killer moves. 😉

361 Degree Productions

 Image Courtesy: 361 Degree Productions

Featured Image Courtesy: Wedding Nama

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