5 DIY Invitations That Will Save Your Money

The choices for best invitation cards in Delhi are aplenty. From simple single sided ones to boxed ones with gifts for the receiver, one is left baffled on what to choose. Yet, an increasing number of brides and some grooms opt to take the DIY route. One, Handcrafted cards make the receiver special. Two, you can showcase your creativity and artistic side. Whatever be your reason, here are a few ideas to keep you inspired if you’re treading down the DIY Wedding card route.

Start off with Handmade Paper

DIY Invitation ideas

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Handmade paper would be a brilliant complement to your DIY invitation cards. Layer this paper on top of card stock and then add another layer of text on top and voila, your card’s ready. Avoid glue as it can make the handcrafted paper bleed. Instead, use double sided tape for this project.

Make it Pretty with Layers

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A Solid card stock with a patterned layer on top followed by yet another complementary or contrasting layer is a great way to have a cute, neat little card. The trick here is to ensure that the spacing is even between the layers.

Brighten it up with Stamps

wedding invitation ideas


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There are several stamp kits available online and at stationery stores. Find a stamp that matches the theme of your wedding. You can add in a bit of colour to your stamps with the help of colour pencils. This makes your card pop out. Make sure to use an ink colour that fits the colour theme of your card to make it look consistent.

 Embellish it with Buttons or Laces

DIY Invitations


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For a fun, whimsical touch add buttons of varying sizes and colors to your card. You can either use a hot glue gun to attach the buttons or if you’re feeling super crafty, then hand stitch the buttons. You can also add in fun laces as borders to your card. Keep the text layer to one side so that the card doesn’t feel crowded.

 Scrounge around for Stickers & Sequins

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Raid your local stationery store or search online craft stores for stickers and sequins that match your theme. It’s an easy way to prepare several cards quickly. Adding stickers just takes a few minutes and gives the card a mass produced look. You can make the card pop out by adding stickers in contrasting bright colors. The key to designing DIY invites is to keep them matched with the theme of your wedding. Also, the style and font can make them stand out from printed ones. Use calligraphy pens to add in stylized fonts.

With a bit of creativity, you can create invitation cards that will be cherished for years to come as a unique keepsake.

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