6 Effortless Hairstyles For Men To Slay This Season

Let’s stop paying attention to women for once and get the groove on with all our dapper men out there. We care for you and your style so we’ve got you the list of some cool hairstyles for men. Check them out:

1. Side Swept Hairstyle

best hairstyles for men

trendy hairstyles for men

Just after Beckham got his haircut done in this way, it became a *RAGE* with all the young guys opting for it. An easy to carry hairstyle, the side swept look goes with both curly as well as straight hair. Tip: make sure the swept is carried neatly, the shabby look spoils this hairstyles charm!

2. Layered Haircut

trendy hairstyles for men

For all those street guys looking for a funky street look makeover, this is your hairstyle! The layered haircut is perfect for those who want to go a little wild with their hairstyle. Not a very difficult look, but it may require strong efforts to handle.

3. Undercut Long Haircut

hairstyles for men

Now lets go for an even wilder hairstyle! Guys, this is the wildest look you can get, it is a tini-tiny bit similar to side swept hair except for the long front flick falling till the shoulder. A bit difficult to handle, the undercut long hair also require a certain maintenance.

P.S: not to forget, socially it might get a little difficult to carry this look in the long run dudes!

4. Man Bun Undercut

hairstyle trends for men

hairstyle trends for men

One of the most trending hairstyles of the season, this look is wanted by all! the length of the hair in the bun and outside are of the same length, and if in any situation it gets difficult to handle, all you gotta do is simply knot the top layer, chop of rest of the length and retain the actual hairstyle all in the same time.

5. Disconnected Undercut Hairstyle

hairstyles for men 2017

sexy hairstyles for men

A popular and self defined hairstyle, the hair in this one are divided in two proportions. One proportion is a bit larger than the other one, and the larger proportion includes the swept hair. The disconnected undercut hairstyle gives quite a neat look and is also easy to carry.

6. Classic Undercut

trendy hairstyles for guys

For those who want a very classy hairstyle, this hairstyle it perfect. the style factor of this hairstyle is nowhere in front of the classiness this look provides. So, guys if you are looking for a classy hairstyle which is stylish as well, then this is it! The classic undercut is easy to carry and a major advantage it provides is that it goes well with all sorts of attires.

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