6 Make-Up Products That You Should *NOT* Wear On Your Shaadi!

We keep on reading and learning about how to get wedding ready, how to shine on the D-day, how to ensure that the make-up is on point and which products and shades are trending for this wedding season, but nobody ever really tells us what *NOT* to do on the big big day! You can ask the best makeup artists about the best ways to apply makeup and surely they will tell you exactly what we’re about to tell!

Peeps, if you really want to shine and maintain your shining make-up look, there are a few make-up products that you should never use when getting ready your shaadi. And yes, we mean it. Keep scrolling down to learn what to avoid for getting yourself shaadi and camera ready.

1. Lip Gloss

things to avoid in makeup

Ditch that gloss and invest in better quality lipsticks! After all, you’re not in your teens anymore and it’s not another college event that you’re planning to attend. Shaadi is a big big festive affair and you cannot afford to ruin your wedding look due to simple and small errors. Lip glosses look washed out on camera and not long-lasting, therefore, always use good quality lipsticks (no matter how simple and subtle you want to look) on your wedding day!

2. Mis-matched Foundation Shades

avoid makeup products

Your foundation shade must be completely in sync with your skin tone. There cannot be two ways about it. Even if you had some routine days where you pulled off a lighter or darker shade in natural light, you just cannot take that risk on your wedding day- in front of so many people and so many cameras!

3. Shimmer Lipstick

best way to apply makeup

You surely wouldn’t want to look like a kid’s art and craft project, right?

Therefore, no matter what the trend is, always avoid using glimmer-y lipstick shades on your wedding day. Your outfit will already carry a lot of shimmer so nothing extra is required on your face. Using matte lipstick shades is the best option to consider!

4. Powdered make-Up On Dry Skin/Oily Make-Up On Oily Skin

best way to apply makeup

Both of them are big no NOs!! Powdered make-up on a dry skin tone makes it look even more flaky and patchy, while oily make-up on oily skin tone makes it look extremely unattractive. Make sure that you choose the right kind of cosmetics on your skin ton for that radiant and luminescent glow of your skin!

5. Glitter Eye-Shadows

things to avoid in makeup

Use the “less is more approach” on your wedding skin. Glittery eye shadows are more likely to smudge, making you look nothing less than a shining disco ball. This is why, whether you want a nude or smokey eye make-up on your skin, select hues that are non-glittery and non-shimmery!

6. BB Creams

ways to get the best makeup

One of our most favorite daily-life make-up product, it is lightweight and low on coverage! Shaadi functions require a more heavy duty make-up that covers all the facial flaws, lasts long and suits the skin tone (it’s easier to find the perfect shade when buying foundations in comparison to BB creams). Save your BB creams for your family dinners and other days when you need a little less coverage on your face. For the best party makeup you must hire the best makeup artist in ¬†Delhi.


You can share your suggestions on these point in the comments section given below. To know about the latest wedding make-up trends, CLICK HERE.



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