6 Most Happening Wedding Photography Trends That Are Huge This Year!

A picture is worth a thousand words and your beautiful wedding photos are priceless. They are there with you forever and you need to have the best ones to keep as beautiful memories. You need to make sure that your top professional wedding photographer in Delhi that you’v hired for your all your functions, takes the most gorgeous pictures and captures all those priceless moments. So here we are spilling on some of the hottest wedding photography trends that you would want to try!


gorgeous drones pictures

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Drones are one of those amazing trends in weddings that have gone huge this year. This drone rage has come on strong not only for the videographers but also the photographers. It’s the best for a photographer as it captures things, people and moments from all those places where one cannot capture it while standing at one place. You can also capture brides and groom’s picture from very different perspective. But the quality of the pictures won’t be that good and clear like taken from a DSLR but yes the shots and angles from where it’s taken will be amazing. So if you want some unique shots in your wedding, a drone is your best option. The top photographers in Delhi are using this to get some amazing and unique pictures.


Film Photography

beautiful capture of bride and groom

Picture Courtesy: Happy Frames Photography

Well, this is the most amazing trend that has really blown up now. All the brides and the grooms are opting up for this trend. Film photographers have noticed a huge increase in demand already, often leading to booking far in advance and leaving many brides and grooms on the never-ending hunt for someone who’s available. This kind of photography is basically like developing the stills from cameras and negative film. The film renders light color tones that are a bit different than digital images. They’re softer, more flattering and have a more dramatic feel.


Editorial Style Shots

beautiful editorial shots

Picture Courtesy: Happy Frames Photography

Which bride doesn’t want her wedding pictures to look like they came straight out of a magazine!? The top most professional photographers in Delhi thinks that a bride’s best day to get photographed is her wedding day as she will be all dolled up in the most amazing makeup by the best makeup artists in Delhi and in the best wedding lehenga. So being shot in an editorial style meaning using beautiful, flattering light, paying close attention to detail and ensuring all the images are clean. So now that’s exactly how a magazine shot is clicked. So if you want all your images to come out like a perfect capture, these are the small details you must focus on. The makeup should be on point, your dress must be of a beautiful color and the you must hire the best photographer in Delhi.


Smoke Bombs

smoke bombs used in pictures

Picture Courtesy: Happy Frames Photography

Sparklers are out, and smoke bombs are in! This is the most amazing and fun thing to use in your pictures. The splash of colors in your pictures gives a very festive and colorful feel in your photos. This way you get an amazing set of pictures and even while you are in the midst of capturing them, you will definitely have the most fun with your partner.


Less Filters More Natural

natural capture of the wedding couple

Picture Courtesy: Happy Frames Photography

Thanks to Instagram, photography filters have been all the rage. Nowadays, most of the people are opting for more natural photos. Rather than using a lot of filters, that use to happen a while back has changed now. Natural light is used for taking unique beautiful shots of the wedding. Only a little bit of editing is done allowing your natural beauty to shine through with natural, simplistic editing and lighting.


All Black And White Photos

black and white picture

Picture Courtesy: Happy Frames Photography

This trend will give a whole new meaning to #TBT pics! Vintage style weddings have become quite popular in the last few years, which is why we think that black and white photos are back and are a huge part of the final output. Even like the peppy photobooths that are a big hit at all the weddings, black and white photos are a huge demand in when clicked form the booth. The black and white photos are used pretty well in the throwback pictures of your wedding. As it aligns perfectly with the throwback aesthetics which you will definitely put on your facebook and instragam posts!

Picture Courtesy: 361 Degree Productions

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