6 Nifty Gift-Ideas For A Perfect *Christmas* Eve!

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Well, Christmas is around the corner and celebration plans are going on in full-swing. While you might be planning a festive Christmas party with your friends and family, we thought to bring some fantastic gift ideas to your notice. Also, you can plan on organizing a secret santa celebration for your people. You all must be aware of the secret santa games on the Christmas eve and if not, let us tell you what it is. Best gift and giveaway ideas for you friends and family is what you need the most for this holiday season!

Remember the gift-exchange games you used to play in your school days right before the Christmas eve?

Yeah, it’s the same. You have to decide on the budget for getting all the Christmas gifts. Do not mention your name on the gift though. Following this, make sure you store all the gifts at one place and number them in a random order. Distribute the number slips among all the friends participating in that game and exchange gifts according to the number slips. For instance, if somebody gets slip number 1, gift number 1 would be given to that person and so on…

This is a great way of keeping your folks entertained and curious. Everyone in the end would be left thinking who gave what and who got the things they bought!

To make this celebration much more festive, you need to get some fancy gifts for the day. Make sure, you choose the best ones. And if you’re short on ideas, you can consider the options listed below to get all the eyeballs on your stuff. Apart from that you can also plan special gifts for your special ones. Friends, family or whosoever it is, cute li’l efforts that you make for them can leave them overjoyed. So let’s discuss some really nifty ideas for a perfect Christmas.

P.S. You can thank us later for providing you with such valuable choices! 😀


*Electric Bottle Opener For All The Wine Lovers*

best gift ideas for christmas

This little electric device makes it easy to open the wine bottles with just one touch. It’s rechargeable, can be connected through USB or wall outlet and charges quite quickly. Perfect for people who love to drink and entertain themselves and also to people sitting ‘round them.

Where to buy: Amazon

Price: Rs. 2598

*Soy Candle For The Bookworms*

unique gift ideas for christmas

You might know a book lover but you might not know their reading tastes. So instead of getting a book for them, get them the feel of the bookstore at their home. Confused?

Don’t be, you can gift them a thematic candle box made with driftwood/mahogany/coffee/leather and other aromas that can evoke the smell of a bookstore. How lovely would it be!

Where to buy: Amazon

Price: Rs. 250

*Choker Necklaces For The Fashionistas*

popular gift ideas for christmas

These are the highlight of the season. Trendy, funky and modish, choker necklaces are good to gift your fashion-lovers friends or family members this winter season.

Where to buy: Pipa Bella

Price: Rs. 1399

*Spa Kits For The Workaholics*

trendy gift ideas for christmas

Christmas and New year is a good time for all the workaholics to finally take a break from their regular schedule and indulge themselves in some rejuvenating activities. You can plan on giving them spa-related stuff that can help them luxuriate in stress-free moments at home.

Where To buy: Nykaa

Price: Rs. 1400

*French Sea Salt For Those Who Love To Cook*

unique gift ideas for christmas

Encourage your culinary inclined friend to prepare a sumptuous meal for you by gifting them this jar of sea salt. It’s brinky flakes can help in accentuating everything from roasted potatoes to salted caramels.

Where to buy: Amazon

Price: Rs. 2449

*Portable Speaker For The Tech & Music Addicts*

christmas gift ideas

Where to buy: Amazon

Price: Rs. 1299

best christmas gift ideas

Where to buy: Amazon

Price: Rs. 6899

best christmas gift ideas

Where to buy: Amazon

Price: Rs. 250

How ‘bout giving a cute small speaker to your friend who loves to groove on the beats?

It’s a super cool idea. You can easily order a speaker in the color of your choice online and gift it to somebody you want to. This is a great way to make that person happy. Fancy vinyl record players and phone stands are yet another cool stuff to gift to your special peeps.


Now, say it out loud with us “jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way, Santa Claus is coming ‘round riding on a sleigh, heyyyy!!!”

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