6 Ways How To Rock Messy Hairstyles At Your Engagement Party!

There’s something so charming about messy hairstyles. They’re undoubtedly high on the sexiness factor and yet manage to be fun without the stiffness of formal updos. The best thing about messy hairstyle for engagement ? It looks great on hair of any type and length – long or short, curly or straight, thick or fine, whatever the texture and length you can create gorgeous looks in this style.

Here are six envy-worthy messy hairstyles to don on your engagement party and to be the belle of the ball.

Formal Messy Bun

formal messy bun

Image Courtesy: Vandana Piwhal Makeovers

While most messy hairstyles for engagement are pretty casual, this one suits any formal occasion like an engagement party or your wedding day. Add a hair clip or beautiful flowers or an over-sized bow to the bun, to make it look elegant and classy.

A Side Chignon

Image Courtesy: Mallika Jolly Makeup and Hair

A side chignon with plenty of loose strands flying around framing your face lends a fairy tale look. If you have highlighted strands, then this look will make the colours stand out pretty well.

Triple Knot

Image Courtesy: Amanat Gill Makeup Artist

Are you looking for something that qualifies as an updo but retains the playfulness of a messy look? While this looks elaborate and intricate, the beauty of this style is that it doesn’t aim for perfection. With a few strands out of place, the end result is simply stunning.

 Messy Hair with a side Braid

Image Courtesy: Pooja Sonik Hair and Makeup

This style is really popular and more than a few Bollywood divas have been spotted sporting this understated yet elegant look. Simply braid a part of your hair on the side and join it together in a bun or ponytail at the back. You can elevate it by doing a fishtail braid.

Criss-Crossed Messy Hair

Image Courtesy: Happy Frames Photography

This updo is perfect for shoulder length hair that is often difficult to tame into a formal hairdo. This style takes the messy hairstyles for engagement party to the next level by making it look ultra formal and elegant. Simply criss-cross partitions of hair on the top and join them together in a low ponytail that lies on your nape.

Wavy, Messy Beachy Hair

Image Courtesy: Sanjana Bandesha Makeup and Hair Concepts

This is the perfect style for adding a romantic, carefree vibe to your updo. Make sure your hair is curled into beach waves before you begin this one. Twist two sections of hair from opposite sides and leave them free at the back. Messy hairstyles are making their waves on runways as well as in magazines. Jump on the bandwagon and look chic, elegant while showing off your playful side, with these styles.

Feature Image Courtesy: Dreamgraphers,  Ahmedabad

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