6 Tips To Get Your Baby Bump Photo-Shoot Right!

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While it might not seem like it now, your pregnancy will be over before you even know it. So celebrate it with plenty of baby bump photos! There are a lot of maternity photography studios in Delhi that can do amazing maternity photoshoot for you in Delhi. In addition to selfies, consider at least one special photo shoot. With the right preparation and maternity photoshoot props, you’ll capture keepsakes to hang in the room or add to your baby album. Whether you splurge on a professional or DIY at home, here are a few tricks of the trade from photographers specializing in maternity portraits.

Here, our top tips from the pros on how to get your baby bump photo-shoot done!

Know When To Take Bump Photos

tips to get baby bump photoshoot

Try to schedule your maternity photo shoot in Delhi when you’re around 32 weeks pregnant. By then, your bump is noticeable — but you won’t yet have hit month 9, when you’re really pregnant and posing can be challenging. Waiting until your last trimester only applies if you’re doing one set of pregnancy photos; if you do schedule professional shoots every month, try to do them all in the same place and from the same angle.

Know Where To Take Photos- Avoid Background Clutter

maternity photoshoot ideas

Just like professional photographers, style your backdrop. So think about what’s behind you. When choosing your maternity photoshoot location, avoid standing in front of a messy living room – or worse, a messy bathroom. Instead, lie mermaid-style on a solid-color couch or tape some ironed white sheets to the wall and – voila – an instant studio backdrop. Or change things up and step outside. We love the leaning-up-against-a-tree look, or, if you’re at the beach, try a profile shot, where you’re sitting up and looking out at the sea. There are plenty of beautiful and quirky outfit ideas for maternity pictures. If you’re not comfortable with outside maternity photoshoot, you can also have a maternity photoshoot in studios in Delhi.




Know The Right Lightning- Turn Off The Flash

best ideas for maternity photoshoot

If you do get portraits taken inside, a few steps can ensure the lighting is subtle, not harsh. Avoid the flash if possible. Shoot near a window in a sun-dappled area of the house on a sunny day for soft, natural lighting. The backdrop should be plain, so the focus is on you (i.e., muted colors; no wild patterns, zigzags or splashes). Try standing in front of a window for a lovely silhouette effect. There are many maternity photoshoot props available which you can use in your baby bump photoshoot. If you know a thing or two about taking pictures, underexpose them to get that shadowy look.


Know The Right Kind Of Hair And Make Up

amazing ideas for baby bump maternity shoot

Photographers recommend at least some makeup, even if you normally go bare-faced; otherwise your features can get washed out on camera. Consider getting your hair and makeup done professionally, or drop by a department store cosmetics counter. Focus on your eyes, cheeks and lips, and keep it simple (unless you’re going for high-fashion or sexy maternity shots — then vamp it up!). Bring your makeup to professional shoots for touch-ups. Use different outfit ideas for maternity pictures and get the results which you’re gonna cherish for the rest of your life.



Know What To Wear

amazing ideas for baby bump maternity shoot

Opt for tight, stretchy clothes in neutral or light colors. Stay away from flashy tones, stripes, big polka dots and patterns. Some photographers advise against wearing black dresses (they can be unflattering on camera). Cover your bump up with a fitted top and long skirt or a maxi dress. Bare it with a bandeau bra and wrap skirt or an unbuttoned dress shirt with pants. There are zillions of outfit ideas for maternity pictures. You might want to wear pink for a baby girl and blue for a boy, or dress in shades from your nursery’s color palette so you can decorate baby’s room with your photos.



Getting The Angle Right

amazing ideas for baby bump maternity shoot

Head-on shots can make your bump look practically invisible, but pictures snapped from the baby bump photo-shoot — especially at a 45-degree angle — show it off well. Portraits are generally best taken at eye level; cradling your bump with your hands accentuates it in a good way. If you’re having your husband or partner take the photos, lie on your side on your bed, or on your back with one hand on your tummy and the other underneath.


We’ve told you about how to get your awesome maternity photoshoot done but if you’re thinking where to find the best photographer, we’re going to help you with that also. We have listed some top photoshoot photographers with their indicative price list on our website. Just click and choose yours.

Now once you’re done with your baby bump photoshoot, you can also look forward to a photoshoot of your newborn which your maternity photographer can also do.

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