Wedding Trends That Are Too Cliche To Follow This Year

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We keep on discussing about the most happening and up-to-the-minute trends of the wedding and fashion industries, don’t we?

But here, let’s talk about things that are too cliche to be carried forward in this brand new year. No matter how appealing and pleasing these trends have been for last few months or years, it’s time for us to get over them and bid them a happy adieu. From out-of-fashion net wears to heavy duty kundan best wedding jewellery in Delhi and much more, we have got a list of banal trends that you must know about.┬áSo then, keep scrolling down to identify WHAT’S OUT this wedding season!

*Fuschia Pink Lehenga With Full Embroidery*

cliche wedding trends

We know, it has been the most favorite hue of almost every girl for the last few years, but guys, it’s time that we girls get over it! No matter how pretty or alluring the color looks to most of us, we have had too much of bright pinks with those hefty embroideries. Let’s choose better shades for this season like pantone blue, blush pink or classic grey for your beautiful lehenga fashion!

*Heavyduty Kundan & Polki Jewelry*

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Once a rage, this trend seems to be getting too cliche to follow now! Almost every bride is spotted flashing the same long kundan necklace with one heavyduty kundan and polki neck-wear. It seems repetitive, boring and therefore, shouldn’t be followed in ’17. A statement choker necklace or a beautiful satlada are more inn nowadays!!

*Fancy Party Props For Wedding Photobooth*

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This is one trend that we NEVER want to see again! After all, it’s a wedding ceremony not a birthday party for kids. Fancy hats and over-sized glasses for wedding photobooths are a big NO-NO!! Keeping props that are more attractive and relatable with the wedding theme is the trend of the season, like social media filters, customized photobooths and some similar stuff. Your top wedding photographer in Delhi will help you out in this!

*Bold & Glossy Lippers*

cliche wedding trends


Enough of those deep, bold and shiny lip shades, we’re so soo done with it! Go for more trendier and subtle shades like nude lip tints or blush pink or pale lip shades!

*Floral Headwears & Tiaras*


Honestly, we have had too much of these flower headbands and tiaras. Whether it’s on snapchat filter or real weddings or birthday parties, everyone seems to be getting captured in these overtly-prettified tiaras! Let’s get over these cliches now and find something new and prettier!!

*OTT Glitter Eye-shadows & Winked Eyeliners*

cliche wedding trends


Forget those dark winked liners with OTT glittery eye-shadows and opt for plum shadows! Also, that winked liner is out of the trend now. The best professional makeup artists in Delhi will give you the best advice on makeup tricks. Simple black/colored liners covering the top portion of the eyes is the thing to go for this season!

Ghenda Phool Decor For Mehendi Functions

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It does add that traditiona Indian essence to your functions, but that doesn’t mean you cover everything with it. Plus ghenda phool decor has become a cliche now, so you can go for jasmine buds, mogra flowers or something that’s more fashionable! Best decorators in Delhi are also quite professional and have the best ideas on decorating your venue in the most amazing way!

Feature Image Source: Kajol R Paswwan


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