6 Weird Things That Would Happen If Men Got Pregnant!

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Have you ever wondered what would it be like if men carried the babies instead of women?  Well, it’s pretty safe to assume that things would get really bizarre way too fast. We usually get you the most trending stuff going on around you. So here in this post, we’ve dished out 6 peculiar things that would happen if men got pregnant.

  • Pregnancy or just a beer belly?

No one would be able to guess whether they are pregnant or not. It’d be really easy for them to hide their pregnancy in the first trimester because everyone would think they just have a beer paunch. Men! They clearly get the advantage here.

pregnant man


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  • Abortion clinics would be everywhere

Just like McDonald’s, Abortion clinics would be literally everywhere. Every locality would have at least 3 of them. You could simply walk to your nearest abortion clinic and get it in bulk. It will never be more than 300 miles away. 😉

pregnant man


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  • Baby showers would be very low-key

Baby showers wouldn’t be an extravagant event. It would have a totally different vibe going on. They would just be chilling with their friends, watching a football or baseball match, drinking beer and eating pizza and chicken wings.

if men were pregnant


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  • No judgements for calling in sick with morning sickness

Queasiness and morning sickness would be a legit reason to call out of work if men got pregnant. There would be absolutely no question asked and bosses would just allow them to take an off. Ah! Just imagine that life!

if men got pregnant


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  • Pre-baby body would be a thing for men

Exercises and diets to get your body back after pregnancy would be a thing for men too. Men would get super irritated when their spouses drooling over guys who got their sexy pre-baby body back.

You would hear them wistfully say, ‘OMG! Hrithik Roshan has got a hot body and a six-pack for a guy who has delivered 2 children.’ as they flip through the Men’s Health Magazine.

Hrithik Roshan


Image Courtesy: Men’s Health Magazine

  • They would understand what childbirth pain is like

They would be totally pissed on being asked if childbirth pain was equivalent to getting kicked in the balls. Well, who could imagine that?

if men got pregnant

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And trust us; they would never ever be ready for another pregnancy!  😛

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