7 Awesome ideas for your Baby’s First Birthday Party

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7 Awesome ideas for your Baby’s First Birthday Party

Your bundle of joy is turning 1 and a huge celebration is in order! To make the very First birthday the most special one here are some awesome 1st birthday decoration themes and unique birthday party ideas to get you started –

1. Close knitted affair 

amazing ideas for your babies first birthday party

How about an intimate and cozy celebration with immediate family and close friends for your baby to him feel loved!

amazing ideas for your babies first birthday party
Make a wish Invitation – Make up a simple and beautiful invitation with a birthday candle on it.

amazing ideas for your babies first birthday party
Wish Book Activity – Ask all the family members and friends to record their feelings in a handmade wish book to be cherished forever.

first birthday party ideas

#Giveaways – A plant that symbolizes growth will make a perfect giveaway for your closed ones. Gift a plant by Greenish.

2. Hang-in there 

first birthday party ideas

While going over the top for that perfect party why not literally hang everything over-the-top!

amazing ideas for your babies first birthday party
Décor – Make pretty decorations at home for your little one like colorful pom-poms, banners and hang those up along with balloons so that the kids look up and try to grab those. Get high class theme designed and executed by The Event Yarn

baby girl birthday ideas
Eye candies with actual candies – A special candy corner can be made for the guests to enjoy the sweet delicacies and there pictures of the baby can be put up in hanging styles.
#Giveaways – Party themed banners will make the perfect giveaways for a hang-in there themed party.

3. Time to build up those blocks

kids first birthday ideas

Babies love banging those blocks together. A construction theme is just what is required to bring that wide toothy grin on your little one.

birthday cakes in delhi
Building the Cake – Well it’s time to not only bake but also build that perfect 1st birthday cake. A blocks shaped cake arranged like a building or box would be perfect for the construction theme.

first birthday activities
Build-it Up – Little fun activity for the guests could be arranged by having a “who builds it the quickest” completion. In which the guests along with kids would participate to build up the blocks while the little go ecstatic with joy.
#Giveaways – Personalized block sets or puzzle sets would the ideal giveaways for this theme.

4. Not so Minnie anymore

boy birthday ideas


Your little one is turning 1 and is already bursting with energy. He probably has a favorite cartoon character already too which can be brought to life with a cartoon theme party for his 1st birthday!

cartoon theme party ideas
Cartoons everywhere – You can put up balloons that have cartoon characters printed on them and the dress code for the party can be kept based on cartoon characters as well. Kids will love all their favorite characters looks brought to life, so you can get the 1st birthday party decorations done accordingly.

baby birthday decor
Cake-a-luscious – A giant cake with his favorite cartoon character on it will surely make your baby go GAGA on his 1st birthday with pure joy!
#Giveaways – A goodie bag having items like cartoon key chains and mugs as well as refrigerator magnets would make the cut for this theme.

5. Get, set, go

birthday decor ideas

Let the kids go frantic with their favorite vehicles. Cars, Rockets, Trains or even spaceships, you can theme the party with the most favorite hot wheel of your kid.

invites for birthdays
All Aboard Invitations – Make the invites like train tickets for the guests.

birthday ideas
The Wheel deal – Using tires and other spare parts give the house a perfect décor as per the theme. This later on can be used for fun games and activities.
#Giveaways – Gifts that move are the perfect giveaways for this theme like those Little Train sets or car toys and not to miss those lovely and cute airplanes.

6. Once upon a time

kids birthday party

Turn the children’s book into birthday wonderland for a fairy tail happy ending.

unique first birthday themes
• Tell that story – Make a dynamic friend read out a story to all the kids or sing the rhymes that the little ones cheer up to!

invites for kids birthday
• “Out of the Book” ideas – Make invites that look like real books to match the theme of the party and can be used as decorations as well. Along with mini cakes that depict the favorite characters of your baby from his most beloved story books.

#Giveaways – Famous and the classic Children’s story books would fit the bill to this themes giveaway.

7. Sugar spice everything nice

birthday gifts


Not just the Powerpuff girls but all little girls have this sweet quality. Make your little angels first birthday party a super sugary and sweet affair.

birthday invitation cards
• The Sweet sips- Create a sweet soda station where ice creams in mason jars would be served topped with flavored syrups of choice and soda to add the fizz.

amazing ideas for your babies first birthday party
• Crowns for the princesses – Instead of the usual party hats, crowns and tiaras can be given to all the little princesses at your angels 1st birthday party.
#Giveaways – Mini cupcakes and cookies glazed with pink frosting and glitter powder are perfect giveaways for this theme.

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