7 Cute Quirky Proposals That Will Make You Go Weak In The Knees, Really !

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We know you’ve seen enough of cute, cheesy romantic proposal videos and now you’re so done with them. But guys, trust us, you wouldn’t have seen or even heard of any these best proposal ideas that are even close to these ones. Plus the crazy, quirky quotient has added up a lot more charm in the videos. Don’t believe us? Go watch them yourself and let us know later on which one did you like the most !

Isaac’s Theatrical Proposal

With costumes, dancing, video cameras, laptops, props and people from all age groups, this live lip-dub proposal that was nailed after a practice of merely 4 days came out as a beautiful and elaborate affair!

Tim’s Proposal To Shorty

An idea strikes in Tim’s head and he decided to share their love story in form of memes. Little did he know that his meme-inspired proposal would go massively viral someday. Their story first trended on Twitter Philippines and from their it started catching fancy of the whole world. Watch Tim propose to shorty with an unfading grin on his face.

Spencer’s Proposal Show For Dustin

No malls, amusement parks or picturesque locations were used to plan this proposal. This video will make you wonder about it’s setting. So basically, it’s a home depot that acted as a catalyst in bringing Dustin and Spencer together. it was the first place at which Dustin took Spencer after there first date to show her the materials he used for his home improvement projects. Spencer though of choosing this venue to make it more special for both of them. It took her three months to perfect everything, plan the show and produce the ring.

Epic Wedding Proposal From 26 Countries, 4 Years In The Making

Jack had been asking his girlfriend to marry him from 4 long years before he actually collected all the clips and compiled them in one video. His girlfriend’s reaction has also been added up towards the end of the proposal video. Go watch it now !

The Time Lapse Proposal

North Carolina based photographer Derek proposed his girlfriend Emily in a bright and lit up setting. The video was shot over three nights in a time lapse mode where his message was displayed with lights. So romantic !

The 365 Day Proposal

Dean proposed his girlfriend Jennifer everyday throughout the year and compiled all those scenes into a beautiful clip. Proposing every day requires some serious hard work, determination and an unflinching sort of love, we must say.He led her into a scavenger hunt which concluded at the beach in Aruba with Jennifer chancing upon the video. In addition to those 365 proposals, Dean popped another one, this time with a ring and it garnered a tearful reaction.

This biker stopped the traffic and broke laws for his love

This guy (Martinez) asked his 300 biker bros to help him in proposing the love of his life (in Los Angeles). All of them gathered at the street and made sure pink fumes came out of the bikes to fit the occasion. And yes no case was filed against this guy, in case you are wondering about it.

Let us know how much you loved these proposal videos in the comments section below. Also, if you have a unique love or wedding story to share with us, you can write that to us at : pareena@functionmania.com and get a chance to feature in our blog section.

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