8 Decor Signs You’ll Definitely Want To Use At Your Wedding

A good signboard is a telltale sign of a good welcome, so why not to add some extra charm to these important pieces of planks?

Well, a special message is indicative of a special day. So let’s begin with discussing the best ways of putting the signboards at your nuptials to greet your guests while guiding them regarding the ceremonial spot. Also, it adds to the overall beautiful wedding decor of the venue, so make sure that your sign boards are as awesome as the other wedding decorations.┬áCheck-out some exceedingly unique ways of putting the signboards over here for creating the perfect party scenes. The best wedding decorator in Delhi will provide you with the most amazing decor for you wedding function!

1. Mirror Boards

mirror boards



Mirrors are most creative way of welcoming your peeps at your nuptials or even for mentioning the wedding food menus. It’s a great way of enhancing the decor of the place.

2. Indian-ized Signage

wedding truck



Go quirky with the signage articles at your ceremonial venue. Giving a festive Indian touch to the food and drink stations is a great idea to go ahead with. It will most definitely keep your guests enticed by the look and theme of the place.

3. Guideposts With A Cute Message




Cute messages are the best way of greeting your kinsfolk. They set the mood and feel of the event and also are a great way to give a warm wedding experience to your guests.

4. Custom Coasters



These are yet other fancy li’l signs to keep your food and drinks untouched while you’re out of the place or shaking the leg on dance floor. You can come back and enjoy your consumables after a fun round of drunk dancing.

5. Illuminated Signposts

illuminated decor



Signposts with beaming lights are nothing less than a treat to the eyes!

They look extremely attractive and give a beautiful touch to the entire wedding theme. Also, the illuminations can be seen by everyone with bare eyes, irrespective of their eye numbers and impairments, making it easier for the people to read the signage. They’re the best decor and guidepost option to have at your wedding arena.

6. Sign Tags For Wedding Gifts And Favors

wedding favor



Sign tags with the wedding gifts and favors are a genius way of keeping your loved ones happy! Draft a quick sweet one-liner and attach it with the giveaway, this li’l effort will surely make your people feel special and important on your big day.

7. Wedding Style-Casters

style caster



One of the most endearing way of keeping your guests engaged during your wedding ceremonies and rituals. It’s sure to catch their eyes and a cool way of making your wedding fare nothing less than a pleasurable experience for everyone attending it.

8. Fancy ‘Reserved’ Signs On Chairs And Tables

reserved chair



Classy, refined and modish! These reserved tags are perfect signage articles to use for wedding decorations at the location.

So, now you have a list of things to make your wedding event an exquisite and grand affair. Don’t forget to send the pictures of signage style you’ll be using at your wedding venue. We promise to use the best ones in our blog and we’ll also give you credits for the same! Have a happy and beautiful wedding!!

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