7 Types Of Relatives You Will Find At Every Indian Wedding

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Getting married is one beautiful and the most important decision in anyone’s life. Spending your whole life with someone you love, sharing all the responsibilities together is a really big and tough decision… but when you finally are ready, it calls for a big celebration. Some people hire the best wedding planners, some start their preparations a year before, but the first thing every Indian wedding to-do-list has is to invite the relatives.

In India a wedding without relatives is like a cake without an icing. Where there is shaadi, rishtedaar are a mandatory option and with every name added to the list you will realize you’ve not just signed up for a big fat wedding affair, but you’ve invited a whole lot of fun and crazy that’s won’t leave a single dull moment in your wedding.

From the over-exasperated chachi you’ve never met before to that wardrobe stealing cousin who has nothing to wear of their own, you will meet all kinds of relatives, but one thing is for sure, they all will keep you hilariously entertained. So, before you send out that wedding invitation of yours, we’ve got you a small list on types of guests you might be welcoming in your wedding.

#1. Those Who Come For Food 

There is a big reason for putting them first in the list, Indian weddings are all about food, be it any culture or any religion, what drives a perfect wedding function is the exquisite food. But it is not just the food that entices these foody guests, it’s the free food that makes it all the more special for them. They arrive just in time when the food is served and you’ll see them hovering around each and every food stall. You could even ask them which cuisine is worth a try or not, as they already have had the taste of everything.

foodies at weddings

#2. And Drinks

The forever drunk gang who keep floating here and there. Unlike the foodies, their search is limited to the bar and that’s their only heaven.

relatives at weddings

#3. The Matchmakers

These are the aunties and dadi’s seeking match for their far known relative who doesn’t even know their names.
Whether you like it or not or even if they know your marriageable age or not, they would still find your one true soulmate amidst the sea of people who’ve attended the wedding.

relatives at weddings

#4. The Glam Cousin

The self obsessed cousin who is dolled up all fancy. The centre of everyone’s attention, they are well aware that everyone secretly wishes to be like them and they flaunt around teasing the other relatives even more.

relatives at weddings

#5. The Photo Freaks

They are of many kinds, but three of their kinds are the most common these days- the ones with a ready pout, the ones snapchatting the whole ceremony and the ones tailing the bride and groom all the time; never leaving a chance to miss the camera.
They are too self bothered clicking pictures to be bothered by anything else.

relatives at weddings

#6. Disco Diwane 

Be it any wedding, they never forget their dancing shoes.
Their happy pill works more than the bride and groom themselves. Their sole purpose is to rock the dance floor and to make everyone else show off their dancing skills.
And you will always find a bundle of notes tucked safe in their pockets to throw off at the right moments.

wedding dance


#7. The Complaint Box

The relatives attend a wedding with a schedule: come – eat – complain – leave!
These criticizers hold a doctorate in finding faults in every little thing in the function. From decorations to dresses and food, everything is a little miss for them.  Their never-ending complaints are enough to put anyone at stress.

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