7 Ways To Capture Candid Shots Of Kids!

Whether it’s a new born, a toddler, or a 2 year old if you’ve ever tried to photograph a kid, you know how it feels like; the temper tantrums, emotional breakdowns, the way-too cheesy smiles and what not! Capturing a kid’s candid is rather a tough shot to crack, but if you succeed it also guarantees a great photograph. The painstaking attempts to find the perfect poses for child photography is not your calling, instead we’d suggest you these candid photography ideas for toddlers so you can capture every photo worthy moment of  their life. Just follow these tips and tricks and get your kids photographed just as the way they are!

1. Watch the Baby Steps 

Your little one’s first steps mean the world to you, how about getting that moment framed forever by the best photographer in Delhi? It’s a great idea, and you won’t want your baby’s first steps photographed any other way!

Picture Courtesy: Said Mhamad Photography

2. The Million Dollar Smile

Is anything else worth more than this? You know the answer, you know what to do!

Picture Courtesy: Anega Bawa Photography

3. The Sibling Moment

The one mandatory cuddly shot that every pair of sibling should have! It’ll be nostalgia weapon to resolve their unlimited crazy fights that you’re gonna have to deal with in the near future. And remember, that day is not so far!

Picture Courtesy: Dipak Photography

Picture Courtesy: Google Images

4. The Pre-Planned Candid

A candid, which is not a candid, yet it is a candid!
Too much? Well, just deck them up pretty nice and wait for the right expressions! What else did you expect? 😀

Picture Courtesy: Said Mhamad Photography

5. On the Go

The best trick to get a candid photograph of your kid is to let them be and to freeze the one defining moment; and leave the rest on the photographer, he would do rest of the job for you!

Picture Courtesy: Instagram

6.  The Poser

Not meant for the faint of heart! 😉
If it’s your grown up you’re taking to photo-shoot, tell them about it, ask them to pose, if you pull it through they will thank you forever.

Picture Courtesy: Anega Bawa Photography

7. The Pet Picture

This shouldn’t be hard to click, there is hardly any kid who wouldn’t love getting clicked with the pet. Moreover, don’t you think it would be an incomplete bunch of candid’s without this member of the family?

Picture Courtesy: Instagram


Don’t tell us these idea didn’t cross your mind,  or did they? If they did, share your little one’s snaps with us at smriti@functionmania.com and we’ll feature them on our page!

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Featured Image Courtesy: Anega Bawa Photography and Instagram



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