8 Cool & Trendy Things To Gift Your Bridesmaids On Your Bachelorette

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Your girlfriends are super special to you and they make your wedding preparations much more fun. So why not work a bit more harder at getting them something extra special on your bachelorette that they will cherish for life! Personalized gifts are awesome, and are special because it shows the thought that goes into it too. So here are some of the most unique and fun personalized gifts that you can give your awesome bridesmaids on your bachelorette.

Personalized Compact Mirrors

 cute compact mirrors

This is such a cute idea to give your besties. Giving compact mirrors with their names on it is just perfect.

Makeup Kit With Their Initials

monogrammed makeup kit

This is also such a cool gift to give your bridesmaids! Something simple and pretty that they can use!

Your Group Anthem Printed

printing favorite songs

We are sure that have a group song on which all your friends go crazy once it’s played.

Customized Tote Bag

customized personal tote bag ideas

This is also a great idea! You can not only customize and design handbags for each of your girls, but maybe a cool beach or carry-on bag!

Personalized Jewelry

This is another cute option to gift to all your bridesmaids on your bachelorette – from necklaces to bracelets and anklets- you can give them monogrammed ones!

Passport Covers

customized passport holder

This one is especially cool if you’re all going for a Bachelorette trips! There are such cool and cute ones available online!

Customized Hangers

Get this customized for your bridesmaids and let them keep it even after the wedding is over so whenever they’ll open their wardrobes, they’ll be reminded of something special.

Eye Masks

cute eye masks for bridesmaids

This trend has gone viral and everyone is on with it.  You must get this for your besties and have a blast on your bachelorette.

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