8 DIY Ideas For Budgeted Fun Weddings

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If you’re on a budget and don’t want to make it appear, these DIY decor ideas for weddings can make you actually save a lot of bucks! Trends come and go, so that’s why, here are some super cool ideas which are not only gonna look fabulous, but are thrifty too! These are refreshing and shiny, and all new for your 2017 wedding!

Decked up tree branches

diy ideas to keep your wedding under budget

It’s a wonderful and affordable DIY idea which brings class into your top wedding decor  ideas. Perfect for a statement display or you can have smaller versions of this on every table as a centerpiece! It’s a great idea for a winter or autumn wedding! Spray paint them or deck them up with glitter!


Wine bottle dripping candle

wedding decor ideas

Enjoy your wine bottle sculpture. Bottle candlesticks with dripping melted wax look so cool and are super easy and cheap to pull off- they’ll cost almost next to nothing if you can manage to collect enough wine bottles (which shouldn’t be an issue we’re guessing!). You can enjoy the look as the wax flows into cascade of color and shape.


Traditional accents and accessories

diy wedding decor ideas

Highlight the space with easily available and fun accents. You can use pinwheels and colorful pots, kaleeras, temple bells and traditional Rajasthani puppets. These traditional accessories will beautify your entire venue and make it look surreal.


Ribbon bows on the chair

diy wedding decor ideas

This idea is so damn simple, yet it looks super classy! You just need to make a simple bow with some thick satin ribbon and put in on one corner of the chair! You can do this to match or contrast your wedding decor colour theme!


Tea lights and floating petals in glasses

top wedding decor ideas

None of these things cost too much- and when you put them together, it’s really pretty! Add petals and tea lights to a glass or a bowl and voila! There you go with your alluring setting for the evening and nobody can ever know how less it costed.


Metallic spray painted tins

wedding decor ideas

Tins are being called the new mason jars! How cool do these spray painted ones look? Fill them up with floral or beautiful flowers and use them in centerpieces or as a statement corner display! They can give a rustic/antique look to your setting and surely you can be the first in your group to use them!


Stockings and balloons

best ideas for wedding decor

Would you believe it if we told you that these are stockings filled with water balloons that have glow sticks in them?  Unbelievable, right? Hang it from the ceiling or a tree for added effect and see yourself flipping with excitement of it coming out to be mind-blowing.


Hanging tassels

diy wedding decor for under budget wedding

Tassels are so in these days! And they can be used in so many ways in the decor- from stage backdrops to Photo Booths and even to generally hang around- so chic so festive and so pretty! You can even DIY them with fabric or wool!


So there you go with your affordable DIY ideas which are trendy and stylish and on the mission to make your event look mesmerizing. For more inspiration on wedding decor or to hire the best decorators, click here.

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