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8 Fashion Blunders Every Girl Must Dodge As A Wedding Guest

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If you have recently been invited to a wedding, you are probably feeling excited, nervous and, confused about what to wear for the event! But don’t think you are all alone in this. TBH! Every other girl who is to attend the same wedding as you must be equally puzzled about her dress, footwear, accessories and not to forget the hairdo!  The struggle is real, girl!

Regardless of your role amongst the invited lot, dressing up for a wedding could be dauntingly confusing due to a gazillion of factors. To name a few…Your closeness to the marrying couple (are you a friend, sister, or a distant relative to their family). Is it a winter or a summer wedding? Is it a destination wedding or not?

Although, there aren’t any hard and fast rules on what to wear to an Indian wedding, but there are certain fashion blunders every girl must strictly dodge in order to look elegantly stylish during the event!

So, let’s make things easier for you because a wedding function is not just any usual party where you can wear anything and get away with it.

Mistake #1.  Mixing metals!

Silver and Gold are those two cousins who don’t get along with each other! So, while you are at it, avoid wearing two different metals with the same outfit. For example, if you are wearing a royal blue lehenga-choli with golden designs and sequins, go solely with golden accessories! Well, even if you do, make sure your accessorizing doesnt look like an attempt to showcase all that you have got in your jewellery box! Balance is the key!

mixing metals-a fashion faux pas or not?- FunctionMania

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Mistake #2 Wearing White or Black.

Although, Black and white are two of the most commonly worn colours but you can avoid wearing them to a traditional wedding. Sadly, its an old and prevalent superstition that white and black are ominous colours if worn for a special occasion. Doing so will only increase your chances of getting uncomfortable looks all night long! So, stay away from these colours to be considerate of people’s sentiments associated with their traditional beliefs. Anyway, an Indian wedding is full of vibrant and beautiful shades which call for an occasion to experiment with your favourite colours!
Quirky Poses for an India bride with here bridesmaids in a varied coloured dresses- Function Mania

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Mistake #3 Making Peace with Uncomfortable Footwear.

If Cinderella couldn’t manage to keep her feet in those gorgeous glass heels for long, then why do you have to let yours go through an uncomfortable spell for the whole time during a wedding event?

Uncomfortable Beige High Heels

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It’s absolutely common to overlook the downsides of wearing high heels and end up buying an uncomfortable pair just because they look beautiful. So, next time you go shoe-shopping , just remember how comfortable and durable your potential footwear seems to be!

Also, do carry a pair of flats in case you have to stay at the wedding venue for a longer than the anticipated time.

Mistake #4 Enslaving Yourself to a Trend.

Following the trend is one thing, but following the herd with the same dress-style is not something that will help you in case you are planning to style your look differently.

Fashion is what you buy- quote on Fashion- Function Mania

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On an average, a girl spends around 3 hours to shop for a dress. Let’s say, next time you are shopping for a dress in Chandini Chowk, you could use your observational skills to foresee what kind of dresses most of the girl-guests would be wearing in the event. This will make it easier for you to buy uncommon and trendy dresses for a wedding.Or one can simply ditch the ongoing trend and choose their pick from  Mom’s evergreen collection of elegant and classy sarees. #SareesAreLove!


Mistake #5 Upstaging the bride.

If there’s is one way not to dress for a wedding, is like a bride! Let’s just leave the rich makeup and heavy ensemble to the bride. Because…dressing like one, is for sure one of the biggest faux pas for a wedding.

You Mustn't Upstage the Bride Quote- wedding etiquette- Function Mania

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Mistake #6  Loud Makeup

We Geddit! With the heavy emphasis on contouring, thick eyebrows, glitter-laden eyelids one cannot resist tutoring oneself and imitating the beauty bloggers from different social media platforms. However, there is a thin line between painting your face with all that you have in your makeup bag and following an apt makeup routine!

So Girls, let the music be loud but not your makeup!

ultimate make up fails meme on contouring- Function Mania

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Mistake #7 Risque-ing it all!

Anything too revealing or skimpy just isn’t appropriate for a traditional Indian wedding!

If you want to go for something cute yet sexy, choose one thing to flaunt. For example, a strategically-cut back design for a long dress or an Anarkali suit would definitely be a safe option! Or perhaps, flaunting your collarbone in a boat neck blouse with that beautiful saree you are planning to wear! You can also go for designer Indo-Western gowns or suits styled with a boat-neck, they always look superb on all.

Boat Neck Blouse Design on Ivory Saree for Bridesmaids and Sister-of-the-brides

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Mistake #8 Being Under Confident!

Apart from the event-appropriate makeupbest choice of dresses for your body type and age, your confidence is the most important thing you should be carrying all the time. Because, as the world-famous fashion icon, Iris Apfel has said, “A fashion faux pas happens, when you are not confident with yourself.”

So, ladies! Whenever in doubt just simply strike a pose and pout!

Bridesmaids Posing Confidently for a picture at an Indian wedding in Multicoloured Traditional Wear-Function Mania

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