8 Gorgeous Gajra Hairstyles To Dazzle At Your Bestie’s Wedding This Season

Indian women have always proudly adorned their long beautiful hair with gajras. It gives our look a magical touch. Even if you want to go simple yet beautiful, put on some gajras in your hair and your gorgeous look is ready. The best thing about gajras is that they smell amazingly well. The top hair and makeup artists in Delhi will help you get the best gajra hairstyles for any function. So if your best friend is getting married or there’s a function in your family and you’re still confused on which trendiest hairstyle of the season you should carry then have a look at some of these awesome gajra inspired hairstyles and you be sorted for the evening.

The Circular Bun

beautiful gajra hairstyles

Wearing a gajra in a circle around a simple bun is a time tested hairstyle. It looks absolutely gorgeous. This way of putting on a gajra can never go out of style. Give your hair more depth by creating layers in your front hair. The top professional makeup and hair artists in Delhi NCR will give you the best hairstyles.


One-Sided Gajra Look

gajra hairstyle ideas

Just pin your hair from one side and put gajra on it instead of your regular accessory. Show off just a little bit of that enchanting gajra with this side pin-up hairstyle. A little look at it will make everyone go crazy.


The Web Bun

gorgeous gajra hairstyles

Make a simple bun and create a gajra web around it as it will give your hairstyle a new look and we’re assuring you no one would’ve seen this web look before. Go bold with your gajra with this super chic gajra hairstyle. You can choose the height of the bun and flaunt your gajra!


Tilted On One Side

gajra hairstyle ideas

Make your bun tilting more on one side and accessorize it with gajras. This way one will be able to see it more prominently on one side. This hairstyle looks best with sarees.


Half Moon Bun

beautiful gajra hairstyles

Make a beautiful bun and place a half moon gajra on it. This is a completely new look and it looks best with traditional and semi-traditional attires. This half moon gajra will definitely be the talk of the evening.


Slide Away With Gajra

gajra hairstyle ideas

There is no such rule that you have to place a gajra is a circular form. You can construct it according to your hairstyle. Place it anywhere you feel like. Trying new looks with gajra makes it even more prettier. Take all the flowers and place them anywhere you like. If it’s a slide way then it’s the best. This hairstyle gives you a much younger look.


Twist In A Ponytail

gorgeous gajra hairstyles

Now this look is quite in trend. Make a messy braid and twist a gajra strand along with the braid. For girls who love messy braided look, this is the best bet for them. This way the gajra would not overshadow your look but will only add some beauty.


Flower Clip

beautiful gajra hairstyles

Well, yes this is the most gorgeous hair clip you must’ve seen. Say goodbye to those old hair clips with beads and stones and try this gajra hair clip instead. Just curl up your hair and using strings of gajras tie them. This type of hairdo is brilliant for the girls blessed with thick hair.

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