8 Wedding Themes That Are Totally WOW!!

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It’s the theme that makes any wedding a larger than life affair or an average affair. A gorgeous theme can leave your guests go gaga about your wedding and a not so amazing theme can totally kill the vibe. This is why, we’re here to give you best theme inspiration for your big day. And these are not like your regular ‘floral’ or ‘Mughal inspired’ themes, these are the ones that will leave an impression in the minds of your guests forever. Scroll down to checkout the list of wedding theme ideas that are totally absolutely completely WOW!!

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1) Bollywood Theme

Bollywood Theme

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Bollywood Theme - wedding party decor

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If you want vibrant and dramatic settings at the venue, you must go for a Bollywood wedding theme. All the elements including decor, Photo booth, signboards, catering setup, entertainment activities, DJ, giveaways and wedding entry can be planned in a Bollywood style to entice your guests and make your wedding fiesta a memorable one.

2) DIY and Eco-Friendly Theme

DIY and eco-friendly theme

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While wedding setups includes a lot of environmental damage and over-utilisation of resources, you can plan your celebration in a way that it doesn’t harm the  environment or results in wastage of resources. The most effective way to avoid wastage of money and resources is to DIY wedding decor. You can create your own decor boards, Photo booths, pretty and cheap decor hangings and more things. Also, instead of having a grand evening show that would need fireworks and proper arrangements, you can plan on having a garden wedding and avoid using fireworks. In this way, you’ll not only end up saving the environment but also hell loads of money and your unique wedding would be remembered by everyone.

3) Fairytale Theme

Fairytale Theme

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Having that perfect fairytale wedding is a dream for many! However, you can incorporate those dreamy elements into your wedding frenzy to make your guests go awwwww….

Trust us, incorporating fairytale details in your wedding won’t cost you a bomb. You just have to choose pastel colours for your wedding theme. Include a lot of white, blush pink and sky blue. Ask your wedding decorator in Delhi to include cute couple posters, romantic and intimate settings to set the tone for the day. You can get a Cinderella or Snow White cake designed to add to overall vibe. And yes, DON’T forget to flaunt your princess gown.

4) Beach Theme

Beach Theme

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Don’t want that same boring traditional touch in your wedding? Well then, you can plan on having a super cool beach-themed wedding with fancy props, fun wedding games, water shower and flowing liquor. Your guests are going to love it and cherish these moments for a lifetime! Because there’s no pleasure like the pleasure of chilling by the beach side and when the wedding theme is inspired by the beach setting, you wouldn’t want to ask for anything more.

Just have your playlist and music systems ready and then dance till you drop!

5) Gujarat Inspired Theme

How ’bout throwing a wedding function where everyone is dancing with their dandiya sticks in hands, performing garba in their beautiful ghagras and cholis? Well, it’s a not bad idea at all. Infact, throwing a Gujarat inspired wedding would mesmerize your guests as the theme will be different from the kind of weddings they regularly attend. If you do not want to take the big risk of altering your standard wedding day theme, you can try keeping these settings for some other function during your wedding fiesta or you can ask your event planner to help you out in this an make your wedding a memorable one. Probably your sangeet day can revolve around a Gujarat inspired theme or your mehendi. It will be something new and engaging for all your near and dear ones.

6) Rajasthani Theme

If you’ve always been fascinated with the grand celebrations and larger than life settings, Rajasthani is the theme you can go for. The royal, majestic touch that comes with everything Rajasthani is just so unnerving. You can ask your guests to take the Rajasthani getup for attending your wedding.

From the big sets to regal bridal jewellery, beautiful traditional details to heavy-duty wedding outfits, all the elements enchant us to the core. Specially the over-sized Rajasthani naths, blended with that old-school charm, would make you look nothing less than a princess bride.

7) Circus Theme

This is the best theme to keep your guests entertained and happy. Not just that, it will remind them of their childhood days and they’re surely going to love the arrangements. After all, who wouldn’t like attending a wedding show that revolves around a circus theme?

You can have jokers and cartoon characters moving here and there, acts, fun wedding games, entertainment activities, magic shows and more. All the decor details, props, costumes, arrangements can be kept as colorful and vibrant as possible to catch the attention of the kinsfolk.

8) Vintage Theme

Vintage Theme

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Vintage is the new beautiful. From vintage decor to cutlery, lightings to colour palettes, you can plan an entire wedding around this theme. There are many people who have a fetish for vintage things, in case you’re one of them, this is what you can go for. Classic, vintage backdrops and dainty details are what that captures the heart of every person who’s an old-school at heart. Plus vintage themes are trending high in Indian weddings these days…

Here you have the list of unique wedding theme ideas to leave your guests crushing over the details!

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