8 Most Romantic Date/Dinner Spots In Delhi

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Once you get into that lovey-dovey phase, all you want is some cute private date time with your loved one. Of course going to lounges, clubs and cafes has it’s own feel, but that can be done with friends too. ┬áIf you’re a romantic date lover and like to have conversation with your partner over food and beverages, then we’ve got your needs sorted. Here are some of the most romantic date/dinner spots in Delhi where you can sit and chill with your sweetheart in a beautiful setting. Even if you’re not in a relationship and have a fetish for visiting beautiful spots, you can definitely take a trip to these places with your friends and we bet they’re going to love it!

1. FIO Country Kitchen & Bar

fio country kitchen & bar

Lush green outdoors with dim lighting in the evening sets the perfect ambiance for the date. Also, their food and service is pretty good and fast!

2. Sevilla – The Claridges

sevilla claridges

This is one of the most liked and preferred spots by couples and known for it’s peaceful and intimate ambiance, delish food and awesome service. Make sure you get a corner for yourself reserved before visiting this place as it’s usually fully booked.

3. Olive Bar & Kitchen

olive bar and kitchen

If you love calm, natural and pretty settings, you must plan your date at this place. From dreamy white interiors to dainty lights, everything is perfectly romantic over here.

4. Lodi – The Garden Restaurant

lodi the garden restaurant

With colorful insides and strikingly romantic vicinity, this place is one of our most favorites on the list. Delicious food and quick service are other advantages of going to this place.

5. The Hippie Trail

hippie trail

Comfortable seating, house-like setting and tempting nosh to munch on, what else would you want ? If you love to spend some cozy time with your partner while talking and gulping food chunks, then this place is absolutely meant for you two!

6. Rose Cafe

rose cafe saket

Floral backdrops and classic English settings, the rose cafe is a treat to the eyes for all sophisticated dining lovers. Plus they have a variety of options on their menu!

7. Vintage 31 – Bistro & Cafe

vintage 31

Vintage theme lover? Well head out to this place if you want to dine in amazing food at perfectly gorgeous vintage settings!

8. Diggin Cafe
diggin anand lok

Our second favorite on the list, this place has a lot to offer. There’s a pretty terrace area where you can go for a date if the weather conditions are good or else you can choose to sit inside and enjoy some mouth-licking dishes.

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