8 Situations That’ll Seem Too Real If You’ve Been In A Long-Term Relationship

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Have you start dressing like your partner? Picked up his food habits? Or started talking like him? Well, it seems like you two have been in a relationship for a long long time and have now even started picking up each other’s behavior and lifestyles. So, if you too are in a long-term relationship and experiencing similar stuff, then you’re certainly going to relate to these 8 situations that we have listed here.

1) You start dressing alike

Has it ever happened with you that you and your partner accidentally started appearing in similar colors, similar t-shirt styles or similar accessories? Well then, you both have already started developing tastes and styles similar to each other.

couple wearing same clothes

2) Food decisions have become the toughest ones

Whenever there’s a discussion about lunch or dinner, you both end up ordering food separately? That’s another sign you have been staying with one person from an enormously long time. And whenever you both try to discuss about food, there’s a fight and nobody agree with what the other person wants. So, the best way out is ordering both things.

couple fighting

3) You have started communicating with just one look

You have become so habitual about each other’s presence that now you both understand almost everything about the other person and you don’t need words to express yourself most of the time. Just one look or expression is enough to make your partner know what you want to say or what’s going on in your head.

 long term relationship

4) People constantly bring up your marriage related topics

Has it started happening with you also? No matter where you go, your friends, fam, colleagues and even acquaintances have started asking you both about your marriage plans and you fail to understand why everybody around you is more concerned about your marriage than you two!

family lunch

5) You have started scheduling the ‘sexy’ time

So, now, amidst your busy work routine and everything else, you literally have to scheduled your intimate moments. You have become so emotionally connected and have found your comfort zone in each other that now you can comfortably discuss and plan your ‘sexy’ time after a long week at work.

6) When your partner wears something besides the regular sweatpants

You are all like… “woah, what is this getup for? Where are you going? why are you looking so good today? Finally, you’re looking good today!” You two are so habitual of seeing each other in basic wears and sweatpants that whenever anyone of you gets ready, the other person pops up a question saying what’s the occasion? 😛

7) You have started talking like each other

Your fam and friends have started taunting you for talking like each other? That happens when you stay with a person for a longer run. You tend to copy their traits. So, if you have developed the accent that your partner has or have started using words, sentences, voice tones similar to theirs, trust us, it’s normal!!

8) Picking up food habits

“You used to like spicy earlier but now it seems like your food tastes have changed!” If your friends have started making such remarks, then it’s a sign that you’re in a long term relationship.


Having a long term relationship? Do share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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