8 Amazing Ways To Nail Your Maang-Tika Look

After all, it’s mainly your maang-tikka jewelry that makes you look wedding ready!

You might know about the same cliched way of wearing your maang-tikka jewelry around your head line, but girls, that’s not the only way to do it. There are many other ways to flaunt your maang-tikka in style on your wedding day or any other festive occasion. From over-sized maang-tikkas to mughal styled jhoomers to single and doubled layered maatha-pattis, your options are limitless. Even if you’re not that sort of a person who likes to wear a lot of bling, a basic yet pretty head-wear is enough to add all the charm and make yourself stand-out from others. While we know that it is one of the most important accessory to rock your Indian wedding jewelry ideas, so why not to wear it in style?

This is why we’ve got some really- like really- spectacular ways of flashing the maang-tikka jewelry on your big day. The top brands for best jewelry in Delhi will give you the best inspiration. Go check-them out yourself!!

1) Statement Maang-Tikka

maang tika jewellery


Chic and pretty, this is the most standard way of carrying your maang-tikka over your headline. For those who like to keep it simple yet significant, this is the style to go for!

2) OutSized Maang-Tikka

beautiful maang tika

maang tika jewellery


Got a long face or a broad forehead?

Well, this is how you can look glam in your traditional Indian look! Out-sized or big maang-tikkas give a graceful and charismatic touch to the elongated faces and faces with large foreheads. However, you can avoid wearing it if you’re not too confident about carrying that big piece on your face and opt for the regular one!

3) Maang-Tikka With Side Strings

maang tika jewellery


This is the trend of the season! Amazing, detailed and beautiful, this maang-tikka does really well on diamond or oval shaped-faces. You can wear it with haath phools and other and adornments to give an individual touch to your function look. Different types of stringed tikkas are available in the market like- five stringed maang-tikka, multiple stringed maang-tikka, single-stringed maang-tikka and so on…. Select whatever suits you more!

4) Mughal Inspired Jhoomar Or Passa

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If you want to add a royal touch to your wedding regalia, then this is surely a good option for you! Much inspired by the wedding look of a Muslim Bride, this maang-tikka is worn on the left side of the forehead. However, you can even choose to flash it with the statement maang-tikka on your head. These jhoomars or passas come in assorted shapes and designs like fan-shapes, triangular, circular and a few more.

5) Borla

bridal jewelry ideas

beautiful maang tika jewellery



Identical to the head jewelry usually worn by women in Rajasthan and Haryana, this is another rage of this season!

Borla is a spherical shaped maang-tikka which comes in different collections. It is usually crafted with pearls, crystals, rubies and other precious stones. You can even get it personalized with the stones and gems of your choice. Wear it with or without mattha patti, this maang-tikka looks extremely chic and gorgeous on every type of facial structure!

6) Single Layered Maatha Patti

maang tika jewellery ideas

beautiful bridal jewelry ideas for brides



This has been one of the signature bridal trends for years now! A single layered matha-patti look can be rocked with a jhoomar or borla made in precious stones (to add the individuality factor) worn in the center of the forehead. If you do like to experiment much with and would want to go ahead with an elegant and plain look, then this maang-tikka style is perfectly the one you should consider for yourself!

7) Multi Layered Maatha Patti

maang tika jewellery


Yet another way to look glamorous with the maang-tikka aesthetically cornered inside your multi-layered maatha patti jewelry, it’s hot, voguish and trendy! You can try different looks with your multi-layered headpiece. Placing it in center is one way to go ahead with, wearing it on the sides of your crown area is another. Girls with wide foreheads and cheeky areas can carry this style with much more poise and appeal.

8) Petite Maang-Tikka

gorgeous maang tika jewellery


Shaped like a pendant, it’s small, suave and easy to wear!

Meant for those who do not like to deck themselves up with heavy jewelry and large artifacts, a petite pendant-styled maang-tikka jewelry is right to set the tone for the special day.

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Feature Image Courtesy: Sohni Juneja Makeup Artist

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