8 Things All You Brides-To-Be Must Keep In Mind Before Finalizing Your Hairstyles!

When it comes to hair, every girls gets extremely choosy and finicky. After all, your wedding hairstyles set your entire look, give a definition to your face, add inches to your height and so much more. This is why it is extremely important for you to think before you go for a particular hairstyle or haircut. Good wedding hairstyles can add a glam touch to an average looking dress whereas a bad hairstyle can ruin the entire look of the most gorgeous dress! Hairstyles are excessively important, what matters is that they should suit your face shape. Therefore, it is advised that you should take a test hair styling session before your big day so that there are no mishaps in the last moment.

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1) Face Cut

Your face shape plays a significant role in deciding your overall look. There can be a hairstyle which might look good in magazines, fashion shoots and style columns but if you try the same on yourself it might not work really well. You know why? It’s because of the face shape. Some hairstyles do excessively well on a few shapes while extremely bad on other facial frames.

2) Blouse Design

Believe it or not, hairstyles have a lot to do with the blouse designs. Some hairstyles work well with specific designs while others don’t. For example, half-up-half-down or a bun on the to would go perfectly with a collar or halter neck design, whereas braids and common buns look good with deep and sweetheart necklines.

3) The Texture of Hair

You must also consider the texture of your hair before going for a particular hairstyle. While most women in India want silk straight hair, not everyone has the appropriate hair texture for smooth and straight hair styling.

4) Climatic Conditions

Some hairstyle would look good and stay set for long in winters and some would be good for summers. It’s important to keep the climatic conditions in mind before you finalize your hairstyle to avoid getting a messed up hair looks in the end.

5) Hair Length

Now, this is something obvious. Hairstyles for long hair can include braids and hairstyles for short hair cannot include something like this (until and unless you use wigs and artificial hair of course!). So, before you choose your hairstyle, talk to your stylist once regarding hairstyles for long hair and also hairstyles for short hair and whether a particular hairstyle will suit your hair length or not.

6) Hair Accessories

Whether you want to flaunt flowers, maang-tika, passa or anything else, make sure you choose a hairstyle on which the hair accessory will look good.

7) Chemical Tolerance

There are girls who have extremely thin and brittle hair and their hair cannot stand much chemical tolerance, therefore, it is recommended that you must check with your hair and makeup artists in Delhi how much is the chemical tolerance of your hair fibres and select a hairstyle accordingly.

8) Other Factors

There are other important factors that you must not forget while you’re choosing a hairstyle like puffy hairstyles go well with short heights as they tend to add a few inches to your body structure. And if you can give Deepika Padukone a competition in terms of height, then you must choose sleek hairstyles as those would compliment you more.

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