8 Trendy Ways To Color-Coordinate Your Wedding Outfit

Styling looks for your wedding is one frenetic task, it takes months of planning, trying over unlimited outfits, looking out for the best wedding designers and what not. And everyday we get to witness some or the other new wedding trend to follow, but have you ever thought that all this hard work could go to waste, if your wedding attire is not well coordinated. We know some couples don’t agree to the idea of matching their outfits, sometimes, the color won’t match or sometimes the design of even the best bridal wear would not appeal the groom. The conflicts are many, the task is strenuous, but then looking good ‘together’ never goes out of vogue.

The idea of getting married to someone is itself like signing up for one big coordination and picking up well color coordinated wedding outfits can be your first of many tasks together. Plus the best part is that it will not only make you go in sync but will compliment you as a couple in the most appealing ways possible.

When we say outfit-coordination, we don’t mean go twinning with your better half, there are numerous ways to become a color coordinated couple, you’ll just have to read through some of them we’ve shortlisted to help you out!

Synchronize the Elements

Picture Courtesy: Shutter Down 

Mixing and matching the components and pattern of your bridal and groom wear is one soothing way to coordinate your apparel. Especially if you don’t want to wear the same colors. This couple has cleverly chosen well coordinated hues and the velvet fabric of bridal lehenga matches the groom’s dupatta.

Subtle Mimicking 

Picture Courtesy: Total Siddharth

Over an entirely light toned shervani, the groom put on a safa that matches the bride’s lehenga. This is a very simple yet innovative way to steal the show as one color coordinated bride and groom.

Similar Accents

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Crasher

This hidden combination is highlighted through a base color. It’s a modern and elegant technique to meticulously matched the garment piece, just like here the bride and groom have chosen golden as the base color which makes it a unique combination.

Same Colored 

Picture Courtesy: Dot Dusk Photography

This old school is one the most smooth and easy ways to coordinate your outfit with your partner. All you need to do is decide a particular color with matching embroidery and you’re set to go!

Matching Embellishments

Coordinated Wedding Outfits

Picture Courtesy: Shutter Down 

This one is a sure shot winner, the classic combination of adding pastel hues in their outfits, the contrasting green jewelry the bride and the groom wore, compliments their look with elegance.

Congruent Hues

Picture Courtesy: Dot Dusk

Pairing the colors of your outfit by giving them a subtle counterpart is yet again another beautiful way to make your mark. Couples who do not desire to completely color coordinated can pull off this idea and create a classy look.

Concordant Squad

Picture Courtesy: Fotowalle 

Why should it just be the bride and the groom to be in sync? Although, this couple is in sync with their matching colored outfits, but making your relatives wear the same colors is indeed an eye-catchy way to bring them in highlight.

Twinning Patterns

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Salad

Another great way to be the perfect match. Keeps the tone of your outfits simple and add a similar embroidery pattern to bring a distinctly coordinated look.


Featured Image Courtesy: Fotowalle 

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