8 Unique Birthday Invitation Ideas To Get The Party Started

All parties require a great invitation and birthday parties are no exceptions. The invite you send out gives not only the details of the party but also sets the tone for the event. It’s a great way to get guests excited about the upcoming event well before your big day.

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We know it’s often simpler and quicker to head the digital route. However, nothing can beat the charm of an old-fashioned paper invitation. Here are seven creative birthday invites that caught our eye. Read on to steal ideas for the big party!

#1: It’s Child’s Play

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Do you remember this childhood game you played back in school? Convert a classic “Tippy, Tippy, tap which colour do you Choose?” aka the cootie catcher into a cool invitation. Make use of the inside flaps to reveal the details about your party like “Who, What, Where and When.”

#2: Let’s Solve the Puzzle

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This one is more than an invite. It’s sure to get the party started and work well for all age groups. Attach a single puzzle piece to every invite. Guests must bring the piece to the party and work together to solve the puzzle. Use simple puzzles for kids’ parties and big, complicated ones for adults. If there are fewer guests, you can attach more than one piece. And, remember to have duplicate pieces on hand, in the case of no-shows.

#3: Is it an Invite or a Birthday Hat?

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Send an invite that doubles up as a birthday hat. Guests can fashion a cute, hat from the invite. It’s perfect for mailing as well as wearing at the party.

#4: Bag It!

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This one’s ideal if you’re having a piñata or planning a scavenger hunt on premises. Mail your birthday invite in handmade snacks that guests must bring to the party, to collect all their loot, candies and other goodies.

#5: Invite that turns into a Handmade Card

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Fashion your invite from a colouring page. Instruct guests to colour the card at home, write in their personalised messages for the person celebrating their birthday. Guests can drop in the completed cards in a collection box at the venue of the party. You can also mail a few colouring pencils or sketches along with the birthday invitation.

#6: Design a Look-Alike

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The internet is a treasure trove when it comes to finding unique ideas. One such site is poseprints.com. Log onto this site to create a look-alike based on the traits and features of the person celebrating their birthday. Design the look-alike and print it out on the invite.

#7: Scratch off-Cards

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Recipients have to scratch these cards to find the details of the party like time, venue and who is it for. Super fun!

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Get going with these ideas and let the creative juices flow when you design the invites for the upcoming birthday celebration. For more inspiration on birthday invitations, wedding invitations, party invites and more, click here.

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