8 Quirky Return Gift Ideas That Your Guests Will Remember Long After Your Wedding is Over!

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A Ganpati idol, silver coins, a pack of chocolates, dry fruits, a mithaai box, crockery or cutlery……. Trust us, your guests are so soo done with these kind of wedding giveaways. In fact, these things have become extremely outdated these days and if you want to greet your guests in a way that they don’t only go home happily but also remember your gifts for a long long time, then you need to add a new-ness in your return gift department. And it’s time that we update the wedding return gift list, don’t you think so?

We have brought a layer of change in our mehendi function by bringing in better and more unique mehendi gifts, creative packages and improving the whole lot presentation of things. Now, it’s time to bring the much needed uniqueness in the wedding giveaways. This is why, we’ve got you some of the coolest and quirkiest return gift ideas for your wedding that your guests will remember for a lifetime. Also, if you get some time in hand, you can tweak these wedding return gift ideas in a way that they suit your style and preferences. Scroll down to take a look at some of the amazing wedding return gift ideas.

P.S. Do not forget to thank us later for all these wonderfully wonderful suggestions for wedding giveaways that we are giving to you over here!!

1) Mini Toiletries

toiletries gift set


Not only it’s a unique idea to send your guests back happily but it is also something will be useful for them. You can add miniature travel kits and toiletries in the giveaway basket along with some chocolates, cookies and dry fruits. Get tiny body mists, lotions and other fragrance items to add to your travel kit. You can find plenty of them at stores like The Body Shop, Marks and Spencers and more. Pickup some mini toiletries from there and customize your kit by mixing and matching stuff the way you want for creating one of the perfect wedding favors for guests.

2) Mini Alcohol Sets

alcohol gift set

Belong to the colorful and chilled out party clan? Well then, we’ve got you one of the most uber cool wedding favors for guests. Make a perfect alcohol set for your fam and friends who love to booze by adding miniatures of tequilas, vodkas and beer. A set of spirits is surely gonna leave them ecstatic. Just try to keep these sets away from the elders, not because it will get awkward but because they might gulp it all down themselves and it will not really be good for their health.

3) Hangover Kits

hangover kit

If you’re planning to throw a wedding that’ll have tons of alcohol flowing, then a hangover kit will definitely be needed. Throw in some lemonade, tea bags, health drinks, mint candies, herbs and a hangover instruction cure. It’s surely gonna be a great wedding gift for your guests, trust us!

4) Crockery/cutlery with your Initials

crockery for gift purpose

Cutlery is liked and used by all. But you don’t have to give it in the same old boring way. So, chuck the 6-bowl set of porcelain cutlery and give something that reminds your guests about you everytime they use it. You can get your and your partner’s initials printed on the crockery set or else get some pictures or something creative imprinted on cutlery. This can perhaps be one of the best personalized wedding favors to give your loved ones!

5) Personalised Cookies, cakes and Chocolates

cupcakes for gift purpose

Instead of buying cookies and chocolates in bulk, you can choose personalized wedding favors like cupcakes, cookies and get them artistically packed. You can incorporate so many elements from the Indian wedding functions like shehnai, groom’s pagdi, kalash and more and get your cookies, chocolates and cupcakes designed in an all new style. These will look cute, quirky and awesome to give away to your guests.

6) DIY Kits

thankyou cards

DIY kits are liked by all. It’s the best way to make your folks feel super special without shedding out a bomb on the wedding giveaways. DIY kits can be of any type depending upon your preferences. It can be anything from a pasta mix malasa made by you to a hot chocolate mix. A cute thankyou card or a jar full of chocolates prepared by you. These things are certainly going to touch the hearts and your guests will remember your wedding gifts long after your wedding is over.

7) Tea and Coffee Samples

coffee samples

Who doesn’t like having tea and coffee? Everybody!! Also, flavored tea and coffees are something that almost everybody likes to go for. You can take advantage of this fact and get a sample box that fits your budget. Next, get tea and coffee sachets in flavors you like and add these to your return gift box. You’ll have a perfect giveaway ready to give to your guests on your wedding!

8) Plants and Flowers

plants for gift

Plants and flowers make some of the best gift options. You can choose from orchids to ferns and everything in between to give to your guests and they will remember you forever. Plants are also considered to be good for the overall prosperity and success of the house. Moreover, it’s a great idea to gift something that’s green and will stay with them for years and years. Just make sure to give the ones that need less maintenance and are non-fussy for both you and your guests. Also, if they can be of any other use to them, that will be an awesome idea.

9) Candles

candles for gift

Keep the perfume coming….well, scented candles are perfect to give to your guests. Just choose the right mix of ingredients for the candles for your guests to decorate the candles in their room and they’ll remember you whenever they enter their room. Packaging, candle boxes, miniatures, big candles……choose whatever you want according to your pocket and preferences, just make sure you get good flavors.

10) Wedding Boxes

chocolate boxes for wedding

Just a wedding box? No, we’re not talk about just giving a box. A beautifully decorated box with some delicious chocolates and cookies inside? YES! The best part is that chocolate boxes are keepers. It will stay on your guests’ tables for a long time reminding them about you and your wedding. Also, they’ll love you for the tempting chocolates they’ll get inside the boxes (and that they can eat everyday! :D)

11) Jams, Sauces and Honey Jars

gift jars

These things are used at home on a regular basis. So, if you want to give something to your guests that will be of some use to them instead of occupying a space on their centre table or decorative wall, then you can make a set of some fruit jams, sauces and honey jars and add them to the wedding giveaway basket along with some chocolates or cookies. These are any day better than giving the age old mithaai boxes and silver coins, believe us guys!

12) Something Wearable!

bracelets for gift

You can give something to your guests that they can wear like pendants to all the ladies, chains to men and bracelets to both men and women or anything else that you like. And if you do not have the budget to buy some real chunks of gold or diamond jewellery, you can get things in silver to gift without breaking your bank balance.

So, now you have the list of super cool and unique things that you can add to your wedding giveaway section. You can plan, go, get them and make some cool gift baskets that include all the new-age things. Your guests are surely going to go gaga over your return gift ideas and they might even tell everybody around them to consider those. And of course all these super quirky and whacky ideas are going to make them feel special, loved and cared for because TBH, we all come home and discuss what we got from whom. More than the money, it’s about the effort that goes into thinking, planning and coming up with an idea. And if your guests like your idea they will appreciate and value that. Plus, your function planning will be a huge success. They will remember you and the gift idea for a long long time and the next time you visit them, they will greet and treat you better, much much more nicely in fact.

Go ahead and choose whatever you like from the list of wedding return gift ideas given above, package them well, tweak as per your personal style (if you want to), make giveaway baskets or goodie bags if needed and send it to all your fam and friends. In fact, you can even personalize the baskets giving different gifts to different people (as per your choices). Team the gift up with a few chocolates, candies, cute cupcakes, card with a warm message, cookies and nuts or anything else that is both cute and creative. So, go now, what are you waiting for ??

And yes, if you have another ideas related to wedding return gifts or any suggestions or recommendations in the same category, do let us know in the comments section below.

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