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New And Fun Bachelorette Party Games That Are Trending These Days!

While scavenger hunt, a wild trip to Goa, a night out with your ladies, may be the most promising and fun bachelorette party ideas for all the would-be-brides.  But, let's be completely honest, how much can you recreate those overly-cliched bachelorette traditions? (not to forget how the internet is filled with the same stuff stemming from different sources!) Deep down you know, there will be a friend or two who will bring a naughty-cake, will crack some super cheesy but worn out jokes, leaving you obliged to laugh at them and

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7 Beautiful North Indian Destinations for a Perfect Bachelorette Weekend!

When we think of bachelorette parties, we somehow limit ourselves to a crazy night replicating almost every hilarious and cliched foibles from a Hollywood movie! But, what if you can let your travel bug out of the jar and have the most amazing time with your girl gang and relax for a while in a city you have never been to? There is no denying the fact that a single party night can be a blast in its own way, a mini vacay, on the other hand, with your BFFs right before you tie the knot can be one of the most cherishable experiences

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Bachelorette Party

Ultimate Bride’s guide to having an Aww-some Bachelorette Party

The pre-wedding madness is real and way too much when it comes to a Bride-to-be. While it could be extra-overwhelming for you as a bride, keeping calm is more important for you.  And TBH! Bachelorette Parties can be an escape in disguise from the stress and craziness during your wedding period. You must be wondering how you can have an unforgettable experience at your own pre-wedding bash? Worry not, Senorita! Here are some Classy Bachelorette Party tips: 1.        Have your bachelorette at least a week or two

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8 Cool & Trendy Things To Gift Your Bridesmaids On Your Bachelorette

Your girlfriends are super special to you and they make your wedding preparations much more fun. So why not work a bit more harder at getting them something extra special on your bachelorette that they will cherish for life! Personalized gifts are awesome, and are special because it shows the thought that goes into it too. So here are some of the most unique and fun personalized gifts that you can give your awesome bridesmaids on your bachelorette. Personalized Compact Mirrors   This is such a cute idea to give your besties.

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Here’s A Guide To Score Naughty Cakes For Bachelorette

Your best friend’s getting married and naturally, the bachelor/bachelorette is now your responsibility. From choosing the perfect venue in Delhi to the games and even the clothes, there’s a whole lot of planning that goes into it. Those rolling out fondant into long tubes or cupping dough to shape into body parts, don't always have it easy translating bedroom fantasies into edible art. Lucky for you, we have your cake needs addressed. Here are some of the best bakers in the city who are willing to go as naughty as you like. The

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Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas To Sign Off Your Single Life With A Twist!

The number one goal of the bachelorette party is? Too have as much fun as possible. So, Girls it’s time to think outside the box and celebrate the end of your bachelor-hood in a way which would be remembered forever-n-ever! So, here are a few bachelorette party ideas which are different from the usual clichéd girly getaways, and definitely different than going to Goa with your bridal squad! Check these out, have a super-amazing bachelorette and may be thank us later! ;) An Over-Night Party If you can’t go out of the

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Fun Games For Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party!

The last night of freedom deserves a grand farewell and to make super special and fun for the groom-to-be or the bride-to-be, you need to plan some bachelor/bachelorette party games ahead of time. The game play time of the bachelor or bachelorette party is the most memorable time, so make it more fun by trying the game ideas listed below at your party!!  1. Circle of death – A super fun drinking game, circle of death requires all players to sit in a circle and place a flask of mixed nasty drinks in the middle of the

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Woman giving present to man | Surefire tips to Throw a Surprise Birthday Party For Him If You Are Low On Budget! | Function Mania |

Surefire Tips to Plan A Surprise Birthday Party For Him If You Are Low On Budget!

If your man's birthday is just around the corner, planning a nice birthday surprise for him is a wee bit stressful than anything else in this world! You want to do something special for him, you want to get creative and probably spice up things a little bit between the both of you, but isn't it as if there are thousands of birthday planning ideas for girls and just a few and worn out ones for our men? I mean, who hasn't clicked on those links which somehow end up suggesting the same old stuff from the kinky-world or sending him

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We Have Awesome Ideas To Make You The Coolest Sister of The Bride Ever!

Your sister is getting married, which means you will have a LOT of work to do! From visiting a gazillion of shops for her wedding lehenga, transporting her bags and trousseau to the right places to making sure her make up is on fleek, a sister-of-the-bride's duty seems like a never-ending job which starts months before the real wedding madness gets into the scene! But, it's not all about worrying whether the boutique has her your sister's wedding dress ready or not, or who is going to be invited to her bachelorette party! In fact,

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Function Mania | 10 Newest Baby Shower Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Be Thrilled to Get!

10 Newest Baby Shower Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Be Thrilled to Get!

Hosting a baby shower comprises of many challenging but worth it tasks, for it is not just a usually party but a celebration of bringing that newest member into your family. The happiness is incomparable to everything else.Whether you are planning a small get together with family and friends, or if you are thinking of throwing a large-scale baby shower, from planning to deciding upon the best service providers is an inevitable requirement for all. Choosing the party theme, sending invites, finalising upon your caterer and

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