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Super Cool Wedding Anniversary Giveaway Ideas

Anniversaries are special, a day that celebrates your union! And their giveaways should be extra special, after all your prestigious guests have come all the way to celebrate this day with you. So, why not give your guests something they would cherish for a long-long time when they bid a goodbye to you after your event. The extra special giveaways would also ensure that your event would be the talk of the town for a longer span of time. So, go ahead and check out this amazing list of best giveaway ideas and get inspired!

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Guys, This Designer Menswear Label Has An Ongoing Grand Sale With Some Irresistible Giveaways! | UP TO 50% OFF! and Giveaway Contest At Brahaan By Narains | Function Mania |

Guys, This Designer Menswear Label Has An Ongoing Grand Sale With Some Irresistible Giveaways!

If only everyone would understand the plight of being a man while keeping up with the latest fashion and spending crazy money on his wardrobe essentials! Menswear shopping is definitely anything but inexpensive! Isn't it so? Moreover, getting a classy suit, an ethnic apparel suited for a traditional occasion or a collection of formal wear for work, whatever be your requirements, we bet Brahaan By Narains is where you can get all your wardrobe woes curbed this season! From tuxedos to sherwani, shirt fabric to menswear accessories,

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8 Steal-Worthy Wedding Hashtag Ideas You'll Love! _ Function Mania

8 Steal-Worthy Wedding Hashtag Ideas You’ll Love!

What I love the most about our wedding industry is, it's always replete with new and unique elements that aren't only worth getting inspired from, but also add a fresh touch to the whole wedding affair! Nowadays, wedding planners, decorators, photographers and even the brides as well grooms are incorporating new ways to add that unique flair to their Big day! And, celebrating the same spirit of creativity we saw many instances of new and amazing ways of including wedding hashtags to the joyous festivities of grand Indian wedding

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Multicolour Sunglasses for Wedding Favour Ideas | Function Mania | Unique Wedding Favours Your Guests will Definitely Love!

Unique Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Definitely Love!

Do you know what time is it? “Ditching-lousy-and-outdated-wedding-favors” O’Clock! Yes! It’s high time we move on from the typical Ganesha idols, wholesale good-for-nothing ‘show pieces’ and boring crockery sets! An Indian wedding is a great deal for the bride, the groom, and their families and not to forget the invited guests. A lot is done to keep the athithees happy during the wedding function, but lack of uniqueness in wedding return-gifts is one thing people do not pay much heed to. Therefore, we have come up with some

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The Most Beautiful And Delish Wedding Favors To Give Out This Year

Weddings in India are a huge deal and a huge industry. We celebrate it as a life size event if someone's getting married in our family. Other than the amazing memories that we make and a lot of alcohol running in our veins , there's something else that we are super excited about - wedding favors! People have started giving out some amazing wedding favors to make things more memorable in their wedding. So here we are putting together a bunch of cool wedding favors that you will definitely love. Mini Alcohol Bottles Wine is

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These Wedding Trunks Have Become A Huge Rage For Stunning Mehendi Decor

Now if someone would've told us about a box lying at home can be used as the top rated mehendi decor item, nobody would've believed. But now in 2017 this pristine but trendy trunk is back on the power trip. It gives a very cool, antique and sometimes fun feel to the kind of decor you do on it. You can use the tin ones for antique-y look and the wood en trunk for more of a fun, pretty look in your decor setup. Symbolism of the wedding trunk is that in the medieval times the brides used to stock it up with their trousseau and

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8 Quirky Return Gift Ideas That Your Guests Will Remember Long After Your Wedding is Over!

A Ganpati idol, silver coins, a pack of chocolates, dry fruits, a mithaai box, crockery or cutlery....... Trust us, your guests are so soo done with these kind of wedding giveaways. In fact, these things have become extremely outdated these days and if you want to greet your guests in a way that they don't only go home happily but also remember your gifts for a long long time, then you need to add a new-ness in your return gift department. And it's time that we update the wedding return gift list, don't you think so? We have

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8 Wedding Themes That Are Totally WOW!!

It's the theme that makes any wedding a larger than life affair or an average affair. A gorgeous theme can leave your guests go gaga about your wedding and a not so amazing theme can totally kill the vibe. This is why, we're here to give you best theme inspiration for your big day. And these are not like your regular 'floral' or 'Mughal inspired' themes, these are the ones that will leave an impression in the minds of your guests forever. Scroll down to checkout the list of wedding theme ideas that are totally absolutely

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7 Awesome Ways To Greet Your Guests And Give Them An Awesome Wedding Welcome!

While it’s true that a wedding is all about the two people who come together, it’s not entirely about them. It’s also about the people who attend it. There are some awesome ways for giveaways in which you can make your guests feel special. Yes, we are talking about your guests. From your close friends and family to long-lost friends whom you haven’t seen for a decade, everyone’s a part of the big, fat Indian wedding. Image Courtesy: The A-Cube Project You want your guests to feel welcomed and loved if you want them to

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8 Hidden Wedding Costs You Need to Add to Your Budget-List!

Planning a wedding can be tough on your wallet. To avoid panic and stress, we will share with you the 8 most common hidden expenses associated to the venue, food, flowers and more. Plan for these costs, prepare beforehand and stick to your wedding budget. The Engagement Party Often, this gets overlooked when planning a wedding because it is not something that is for your actual wedding day. From booking a venue to purchasing an outfit for the party, expect to chalk up a good chunk of change for this celebration with

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