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A Tale of An Unsaid Proposal with a Beautiful Destination Wedding!

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Sometimes, all it takes is a sweet blow of serendipity to realise that these person you have known for a long time is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with! And, this is what happened with Somya Bhalla and Gaurav Mishra when the hearts were exchanged without uttering a single word. Let’s get to what actually made this adorable couple realise that the two of them had fallen in love with each other.

The Tale of an Unsaid Proposal

(From the bride, Somya herself)

It was a usual day out for Somya, her sister and Gaurav one day. Little did they know, things will change in a way which will lead to something eternally beautiful in their lives. We asked Somya about the beginning of their love journey, and this is what she told us.

“All 3 of us were sitting near the poolside in an open lounge and my sister went to attend a call which took her around 10 minutes. And, yes all that happened in those 10 minutes. Suddenly it started to rain. And the wind was blowing at such a speed the rain was almost horizontal. When I looked at him, I saw he was already looking at me which made me feel uncomfortable. Because I have always liked him a lot. And to my surprise, it was very clear in his eyes that it is the same from the other end as well. So, that was the moment when we spoke through our eyes where it was an unsaid proposal and an unsaid acceptance. The smile on our faces then communicated everything. After a beautiful span of almost two years of dating and courtship, we eventually ended up realising that was it for us, and we decided to tie the knot.”

Initially, the bride, Somya wanted to have a low-key wedding but it was Gaurav who convinced her for bedecked celebrations that will last forever be in their memories and cherished by all.  It was a destination on the cards which Gaurav and Somya planned to go for. Away from the metropolitan vicinity, the couple decided to tie the knot at Rajmahal Palace in Orrcha, situated near Jhansi. And, with many sweet and unforgettable moments, the wedding was a great affair to remember. The two-day extravaganza was all about bringing two families together to celebrate the sacred bond of companionship and love of Somya and Gaurav, and the pictures are a beautiful proof of the same. Credit goes to team Studio Pep Photography who left no stone unturned to capture the best and most precious memories of their wedding!

Here are some amazingly beautiful wedding pictures of our adorable couple!

 Haldi Ceremony

While a typical haldi ceremony is usually a separate event on either side of the families, Somya and Gaurav’s haldi turned out to be a lively and fun-filled festivity where both the families came together to bless this cute couple for a lifetime of beautiful memories and companionship. Here are some heart-warming pictures from their haldi ceremony that we absolutely can’t stop admiring!

haldi ceremony Bride with her mother - Mom of the bride family shots at indian weddings - haldi picture haldi ceremony - Indian Bride and Groom family photograph at indian weddings

Sangeet Ceremony

A sweet love story as theirs was transformed into a joyous festivity when the couple and their families came together to celebrate the new and happy beginnings with a fun filled Sangeet ceremony.  The bride, Somya looked resplendently beautiful in a peach indo-western bridal gown Womens Wear enamoured with golden thread work, while the groom, Gaurav looked dazzling in a navy blue double-breasted suit.

Bride and Groom - Studio Pep Photography Cute Indian bride with a gorgeous smile Cute bride with a gorgeous smile Bride and Groom |Studio Pep Photography engagement photography - Peach Engagement Bridal wear Palace for weddings - Bride and Groom

The Wedding

For the wedding, the groom, Gaurav donned a mint green and peach sherwani with tone-on-tone zari and thread work which he accessorized with a champagne safa and matching sherwani dupatta! We tell you, the groom did know how to make his wedding look a stunning one.  Stepping into a beautiful journey of togetherness the bride was also a sight to behold in a matching champagne bridal lehenga with an overall embroidered work of zari and stones. Colour coordinating with your sweetheart, how cute is that! Somya also told us, how she and Gaurav wanted to wear something apart from red on their wedding day and thus became champagne the colour of their wedding trousseau.

We can’t stop admiring this beautiful couple sharing a moment of love and joy! Thanks to the team Studio Pep Photography who captured the most cherished moments of their wedding!

beautiful indian couple - matching wedding outifts

Indian Weddings - Indian Destination Wedding

Peach lehenga with sheer dupatta - Indian Weddings Studio Pep Photography




What a precious father-daughter moment!

We asked Somya why didn’t she have anyone else accompanying her except her father during her bridal entrance, and so she explained. ” I have always dreamt of a having my father walking me down the aisle just like they have in Christian weddings! It is an overwhelming moment not only for the bride but her parents as well. And, I wanted to add a new element to a traditional Indian wedding. So, I asked my dad and of course, he gladly embraced the idea and became my best man just like he has always been there to support me during all the stages of my life so far.” Christian weddings or not, the ritual of giving the bride away is one of the most cherished and emotional moments in a wedding.
Father with bride - beautiful Indian bride


To be fond of dancing with you would be a delight forever!

Indian Weddings - Couple Photography

The Pheras

Even being from two different cultural backgrounds, the couple and the families amicably went with a cordial mix of Brahmin and Punjabi wedding rituals to bless the sacred union with happiness and love. We are utterly in awe with their serene mandap shots! How pretty the bride, Somya looked in her phera rituals!

Indian Weddings - Studio Pep Photography

bride smiling - mandap shots

When asked how important it is to have a talented wedding photographer for your big day, here’s what Somya shared with us:

“Having a good photographer means your special moments will be captured properly without worrying a bit about anything. Photography is one thing that has to be the best in every wedding and understanding my concern for the same, it was Gaurav from whom I got to know about Studio Pep Photography. It was a team of 10 people who came for our wedding and helped make our special day more enjoyable. And during the photo shoot, they gave us exactly the kind of pictures we wanted. They actually captured the beautiful chemistry between me and Gaurav in cameras which I think nobody could have done.

In fact, right after our destination wedding, team Studio Pep created a teaser for us to be shown at our reception party. It was impressing how they did the same day edits and prepared a wonderful video for us. Gaurav kept the video as a surprise for me until I got watch it during our reception ceremony. Undoubtedly, there would have been no better choice than having Studio Pep Photography for wedding events.”



 Venue: Raj Mahal Palace, Orchha, near Jhansi, Madhya Pradesh

Wedding Photography: Studio Pep Photography (Rachit Handa, Ajay Sachdeva, Rahul Raniwal)

Wedding Cinematography: Rahul Chitkara, Rahul Gupta, Mukesh

Edits by – Manjeet Chaurasiya, Rahul Chitkara

Wedding Planner: Gaurav Mishra and Somya Bhalla

Yes, this love-duo took everything in their hands to have a fairytale-like wedding they dreamt of! So cute, isn’t it?

To see more from Somya and Gaurav’s joyous wedding festivities click on the link here: 


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