Adorable Ways To Make Your Bestie Feel Special Before Her Wedding !

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You have eagerly waited to see her getting married and now she’s finally going to begin a new chapter of her life. You can help her getting the best photographer in Delhi to best venues in Delhi for her functions. While you have all the reasons in this world to feel super excited, nostalgic, cheerful and what not, you must not forget that it’s the only time you can make your bestie feel loved and cherished. A few surprises here and there are surely going to capture her heart and she’ll treasure your efforts for life. There are so many ways to pamper your best friend before her wedding and make her feel special. Throw her the best bridal shower and let it be her big send off to the married life.

So, if your bestie is planning to tie the knot, read out these ways to make her feel loved and care like never before. Even if she’s not planning to get married anytime soon, note down these ideas to use them later on.

ways to make your bestie feel special on her wedding

1. Plan a rocking bachelorette for her

Make her night a memorable one! Plan some naughty, raunchy games, call a stripper maybe or something that you would never have thought of doing otherwise to keep the excitement level up.

2. Gift her a bag full of goodies

Include makeup essentials, her favorite chocolates, perfumes and body mists, sexy lingerie, some cute notes in the goodie bag and tadaaaaa, the perfect gift bag for your best-est bud is ready!

3. Plan an all girls trip 

Because travelling with your besties before marriage is an all different and fun experience. You can plan all girls trip for her asking her closest pals to join in. This will not give you all the much-needed adventure but you all will end up creating some special memories that you can treasure for a lifetime.

4. Surprise her with a video having messages from her friends and fam!

Trust us this is the most endearing way of making her feel loved. She will feel touched and extremely cared for. Ask all her friends and fam to make their short clips getting some cute words out for her, combine those clips and make a video out of it. Show this to your bestie and make her feel special.

5. Go out on a spa date with her

During the hustle bustle of the wedding season, there’s nothing like a relaxing time at spa. You can go along with her and let her enjoy some stress-free time before her big day.

6. Gift her a portrait having pictures of you two that she can hang on her wall 

Add pictures portraying the sweet childhood/school/college memories that you both shared and let her know how much she matters to you. This super sweet gesture is sure to capture her heart and some space on the wall of her house as well.

7. Give her something creative and personalized that she can cherish for life

It can be anything like a card, something hand-made, a dress that she really wanted from a long long time, jewellery box or anything else that she would like to have.

8. Plan a romantic date for her 

Ofcourse she’s getting married and she’ll have all the time in the world to go out on romantic dates with her partner after that, but pre-wedding romance is a different sort of feeling altogether, believe us. You being her bestie can plan a surprise romantic date for her with her to-be-partner around the poolside setting or somewhere where they can get cozy and spend some intimate time together.

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things to do for your bff on her wedding


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