Velvet, Raw Silk, Georgette, Net: All That You Need To Know About Your Lehenga Fabric!

If you give a blank look every time someone talks about fabric, then worry not, that’s normal for an ordinary person who doesn’t belong to the fashion and merchandise industry. You really don’t hav eto know about the 10 varieties of kim khwab (yeah, that’s a fabric not the name of some salon run by Kim Kardashian! :P) Still we thought to shed light on some of the most popular and beautiful fabrics used for making designer outfits.

So, if you’re planning to go for your lehenga shopping, then you must read the significance of the fabrics we’ve listed below. Even if you’re planning to get married anytime soon, do take a note of these fabric qualities and pass it on to your fam and friends who are soon going to tie the knot.

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beautiful bridal lehenga

Velvet Lehengas

1) These bridal lehengas can give you a royal and rich look even with minimal embroidery as the fabric throws a luxurious shine whenever you wear it. This is why this fabric fabric seems to be Sabyasachi’s most preferred fabric.

2) The lehenga flares ‘fall’ really well and look extremely flattering as a bride. The lehenga flare is somewhere in between A-line and full flare.

3) If you’re are worried that velvet might make you look FAT, then fret not, this fabric falls in a way that it doesn’t add any extra weight and doesn’t even make you look plump, provided it’s originally imported velvet (and not the shaneel one).

4) If you think velvet lehengas are heavier, you are wrong. Best boutiques in Delhi do not use regular velvet (called shaneel), rather they use lycra velvet which is a manufactured lightweight velvet that is incredibly light and gives the look of rich velvet.

5) If the quality of velvet isn’t good, it’s easier for velvet lehengas to look tacky but when this fabric is of a superior quality it exudes a royal charm.

Raw Silk Lehengas

1) Super crisp and super clean, silk lehengas have a modern look to them. They’re full-flared a li’l stiff to wear. Raw silk lehengas have a shine but they don’t fold into soft pleats.

2) If you are narrow or slim built, then you must go for silk lehengas as they add a sort of fullness to your frame and will make you look good.

3) The best part about raw silk lehengas are that they look good with both embellished and plainer pieces as the fabric has enough character to stand and shine on its own but not so much that it overwhelms the embroideries of other pieces.

Banarsi and Brocade Lehengas

1) These lehengas have a traditional, full-flared look to them with self-embroidery.

2) Also, this a great fabric to choose if you’re not looking to invest in OTT embroidery as this fabric has self-gold embroidery on it which gives a rich look to it minus any embroidery.

Georgette Lehengas

1) A-line, soft and swishy, georgette is a fluid fabric that looks nicer with delicate embroidery for an elegant and subtle look.

2) Georgette lehengas look good on pretty much all body types as they skim your body and make you look well toned and prettier.

3) Just keep in mind that if your boutique uses impure georgette, the fabric will be probe to tearing because of heavy duty embroidery and is high maintenance.

Net Lehengas

1) Net lehengas are good for those who want a full flared look. However, check the type of net that is used to design your outfit. Soft net can look extremely feminine and beautiful while the regular hard net can spoil your outfit making you look tacky.

2) Net doesn’t appear that well in the pictures. That’s because camera flashes can pick up on the seams of lehenga, highlighting cloth that is underneath the netted portion.

3) The good side is that net is the cheapest fabric available in market. So, if you’re a bride on budget and want a lehenga that is extremely beautiful to look and doesn’t cost you a bomb, you can get it made in this fabric. There also amazing options for ready wear net available in the market. You can check them out and buy whatever suits you pocket and style the most.


So, here you have the list of fabrics that you can use for your customized lehenga or else buy a beautiful designer one directly from the market in whatever fabric that you like the most or the one that matches your style and looks good on you.

Which fabric is your personal favourite? Do let us know in the comments section given below. Also, if you know or wear fabrics apart from the ones that are listed above that you really like for it’s particular qualities, let us know about that too in the comments section. We might feature your preference with your name in our blog section.

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Feature Image Courtesy: Natasha Arya, Shotstories by Varun Suresh




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