Drape Your Lehenga Dupatta In These Awesome New Ways!

When it comes to an Indian wedding, dupatta is one of the few essential components of the traditional outfit. You can take inspiration from the best women’s wear brands in Delhi. Dupatta can be draped in many ways to grab all the attention, while creating a trendy style statement. Here they are the most awesome ways to drape lehenga dupatta:

The classic saree drape

lehenga dupattas styles

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This one is the classic style of draping a dupatta and the most popular too.  You just need to tuck one corner of the dupatta on the left side of your hip and then drape it exactly like a saree pallu over your left shoulder.

Lehanga choli drape

ways to drape dupattas

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All you have to do is, wear the lehenga dupatta over your head and tuck one end in the waist. This draping style looks best if the dupatta is made of light-weight fabric such as, net, chiffon or georgette.

The double dupatta drape

beautiful dupattas

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A trend that has recently caught on is a double dupatta drape.  Drape one dupatta as a regular drape and another one, preferably lighter, to cover your head. This is one of the ways to drape lehenga in a major head turning manner and will definitely make you look regal instantly.

Belted Dupatta Style

beautiful ways to drape dupattas

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Belted dupattas are in vogue these days and they look effortlessly chic with lehengas. Choose a beautifully embellished belt to add flavor to your outfit.

The elbow /wrist drape

best ways to drape dupattas

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Well, this is by far the easiest way to drape a dupatta and looks extremely graceful at the same time. In this style, you simply need to wrap your dupatta around your elbows/wrists from the back.

The back “U” dupatta style

best ways to drape dupattas

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This style works best for heavily embroidered dupattas as it enhances the impeccable design of the dupatta. Pleat one side of the dupatta and pin it on the left shoulder as you would normally do. Ensure that the dupatta falls freely at the front. Then tuck the other end of dupatta in your waist, so that it forms a ‘U’ behind.

The Pakistani drape

best ways to drape dupattas

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Pakistani fashion has been a hot favorite trend in India recently. You need to simply pin your dupatta on one of your shoulders and drape it on the insides of your other arm from behind.

Now that you have new styling ways to drape lehenga dupatta, try them or tweak them as per your personal style.  And there you are! Enjoy all the attention while you rock your traditional look at the wedding.

Feature Image Courtesy : Pinterest 

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