#BABYLICIOUS: We’ve Got You Covered With These Unique Baby Shower Cakes

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Make a baby shower extra-special with one of these beautiful cakes. The cake is the centerpiece of any baby shower, so it’s got to be a showstopper. Unique baby shower cakes are the most critical part of a baby shower. They can either make or break a party since they leave a certain taste to your guests. There are some of the top cake designers in Delhi that provide you with the best cakes in the city. We have hand picked the most amazing choices so that your baby shower cakes can make a difference and make them unique. Your friends and family will love the way that these cakes blend with the rest of the baby shower theme, creating a unified design along the way.


Jungle & Theme Animal Cakes

baby shower cake ideas

unique ideas for baby shower popular ideas for baby shower

The first thing you need to know about creating the perfect baby shower is that the theme you choose should be present every where. That means all the baby shower items will have to follow certain guidelines, like colors, meaning and icons. For example, if you have jungles and animals as your theme, you will also use that in your baby shower cake. You can also have an entire jungle kingdom cake having lions, zebras, monkeys, giraffe, and many more. Isn’t that too cute?


Sci-fi Baby Shower Cakes

baby shower cake ideas

For our geek friends, or the movie lovers, we have found the most unique baby shower cakes that come from the sci-fi world. First comes the Star Wars theme that celebrates the saga from George Lucas epic characters like the ultimate bad guy Darth Vader, the young Jedi hero Luke Skywalker, and of course the friendly robots C3PO and R2D2! These unique baby shower cakes are best for uniting three generations of movie lovers. May the force be with you!


Diaper Cakes

best ideas for baby shower cakes

ideas for baby shower cakes

Since we’ve mentioned diaper cakes, let’s stay a bit more on this topic and present you more unique baby shower cakes. Diaper cakes are very practical since you are going to need a lot of diapers during the first days of your newborn’s life. Babies can be very active! So this is the perfect way to have some fun with the presentation of a cake and stock some diapers that will be so much needed in the future.

ideas for baby shower cakes

As if the trolley was not unique enough, we present you a Tricycle diaper cake!


Gender Theme Based Cakes

unique baby shower cakes popular baby shower ideas

unique baby shower ideas

Following up the cute baby shower cake for gilrs mentioned below, we can begin exploring our options for gender themed cakes. If you happen to know the gender of the baby, you can prepare the baby shower cake accordingly. For girls, use the typical pink and red for baby girls and create unique baby shower cakes that have style. Don’t worry we’ve got you unique baby shower cakes for boys as well. Boy then boy, oh boy, you are going to love this one! Baby boys are super fun and cakes that come with the blue theme are excellent choices for your little angel. You can add a bit of humor on these unique baby shower cakes in order to make them stand out. For example, opt in for the moustache theme and complete the look by writing down “Welcome Little Man”, just like the baby shower cake shown below.


Gender Neutral Cakes

ideas for baby shower cakes

popular designs for baby shower cakes

Even if the gender of the baby is not known, there are some unique baby shower cakes out there that can make a great impression! Some parents love surprises and they decide to leave the gender as a big uncertainty up to the last minute. We totally get them, there is nothing like meeting your baby for the first time and finding out if it’s a baby boy or a baby girl. In this case, as any good baby shower planner would advise, you need to pick gender neutral baby shower cakes that include both colors (red and blue) or something entirely different like green. We picked both sides of the story and we present you custom cakes for baby shower from this special category.


Other Fun Suggestions

popular designs for baby shower cakes popular ideas for baby shower cakes best designs for baby shower cakes

Last but not least, we have selected two very unique choices. The first is the cowboy baby shower cake, dedicated to the free spirits of the wild wild west!

We’ve got you a definitive list of unique baby shower cakes for you and we hope you make your party more special with these amazing baby shower cake ideas. You can also checkout our vendor list on the website

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