Beard jewelry Is Now A Thing: Do You Know?

Who says best jewelry trends are only meant for the feminine gender? Well, now we have something staunch for the guys. We’re talking about the hottest trend of these days- the beard jewelry trend. The men can can decorate their facial hair for a chic, sexy and trendy facial look. This trend was originally started by an Italian brand ‘Krato’ by introducing a line of stylistic beard embellishments. Some of the options include an anchor, skull, bedazzled jems and similar stuff. The brand’s owner didn’t know if his beard jewelry line would do well or not and how the people would react to it initially, however, it came as a surprise that many men were spotted flaunting those li’l adornments on their facial hair. Soon, people all over the world started picking up this trend and NOW it has become a fashion!

‘The Skull-Bead’ 

beard jewellery beard jewellery

‘The Anchor-Bead’ 

beard jewelry

‘The Bedazzled-Jem Bead’

beard jewellery

‘The Viking-Bead’

beard jewellery

‘The Twisted-Bead’

beard jewellery

‘The Copper-Bead’

beard jewellery

How do you find the idea of dressing up the facial hair? Do let us know in the comments section given below.

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